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Columbus Crossroads Phasing Map and Descriptions



 I-70/71 Columbus Crossroads: Reasons for the Project

  • Over 900 freeway crashes per year
  • Congestion into and out of downtown
  • New Urban avenues with complete streets
  • Enhanced freeway crossings with safe pedestrian and bike accommodations
  • Removal of unsafe ramps
Phase 1 - I-71/670 Interchange:
  • Reworking of 1.8-miles of interstate, including 22 new bridges and 28 new retaining walls
  • Begins the creation of two new urban avenues, Lester Drive and Elijah Pierce Boulevard
  • Improves local traffic access to the interstate and better connect neighborhoods in the City of Columbus.


Phase 2D – East Interchange
  • New ramp from Fulton St. to I-70 east & I-71 north (replaces 3rd St. ramp)
  • New ramps from I-70 east & west to Parsons Ave.
  • New bridge at Grant Ave. over I-70
  • New bridge at Main St. over I-70

March 19, 2014 Public Meeting Info

Phase 4A – Inbound Downtown Connections
  • New ramp from I-71 north & I-70 east into downtown Fulton St. (replaces Front St. and Livingston Ave. ramps)
  • Eliminates I-71 north weave
  • Completes Mound-Fulton circulation
  • Replaces Front Street bridge
  • Front St. 2-way conversion (Livingston-Mound)
Phase 6 – West Interchange
  • New ramps from Mound St. to SR 315 north, I-71 south & I-70 east (replaces 3rd St. to I-70 west ramps)
  • Two continuous lanes from downtown to I-71 south
  • Eliminates I-71 south weave across I-70 west

Phase 2C – Mound Street Connector:
  • New 18th St. bridge
  • New Ramp from I-70 west to Mound St. (replaces 4th St. ramp)
  • Eliminates I-71 north weave across I-70


Phase 3 – East Innerbelt
  • Eliminates weaving on I-71 in East Innerbelt
  • Additional lanes on I-71
  • Completes Lester Drive and Elijah Pierce circulation
  • Enhanced Broad, Town and Oak crossings
Phase 4B – South Trench
  • Additional lanes on I-70
  • Rebuilds 3rd and 4th Streets between Fulton and Livingston
  • New bridges on 3rd and 4th Streets
  • Safe pedestrians accommodations