Project 1 

What it does for you:
  • 22 New bridges
  • 31 Retaining Walls
  • Two continuous lanes for I-670 east traffic
  • I-670 through lanes will be moved to the left to reduce weaving and create safer traffic flow
  • Exit from I-71 south to Spring Street will move so that it is a right exit and not on the left side of the highway
  • No entrance ramps to I-71 from Long Street; instead you will be able to access I-71 and I-670 from Spring Street
  • The start or one block of two new urban avenues called Lester and Elijah Pierce on either side of I-71 that will
    provide improved access to city streets for local traffic and access to the interstate
  • Two new bridges at Spring and Long Streets
  • The Long Street Bridge includes a public space and cultural wall featuring work by two local artists who were selected by a community advisory committee to design the 240’ mural depicting the history and culture of the King-Lincoln District
Why this project is happening:
  • Improve Safety
  • Reduce Accidents
  • Reduce Congestion
  • Provide improved Neighborhood Connections
  • $200 Million
  • Federal Funds
  • City of Columbus Funding
  • Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Organization (MORPC) Funding
Construction Start: September 18, 2011
  • 2013 for all travel movements including lanes, ramps and bridges to be open
  • 2014 is the Contract Completion Date
Designer: CH2 M Hill
Contractor:  Kokosing Construction Company