The Ohio Department of Transportation Met with the Olde Towne East Neighborhood Association on August 11, 2010 to present several options for the intersection of Parsons Avenue, Town/Bryden, and Elijah Pierce. Below are the options that were presented at that meeting. Option A was the most popular best it provided the best access to the neighborhoods.

Click Here for a copy of the presentation given at the meeting.

Option A Advantages:
Most Efficient design based on traffic flow
Offers full range of turning options
Safest traffic operation
Easy access to Olde Towne Quarter


Option B Advantages:
Narrowest road footprint
Maximum green space
Efficient traffic operation
On-street parking at the south end of Olde Parsons

Option B Trade-offs:
Loose south-bound connectivity on Parsons from Olde Towne Quarter
(southbound traffic through Olde Towne must turn right at Elijah Pierce)




Option C Advantages:
Reduces width of Parsons by one lane to provide more green space on the neighborhood side.

Option C Trade-offs:
Less efficient intersection, longer south-bound queues on Olde Parsons
Requires restriping of lane markings on Town Street Bridge to handle traffic, only one westbound lane.



Option D Advantages:
Creates larger continuous green space that community could redevelop
Allows for more extensive Elijah Pierce streetscape

Option D Trade-offs:
Takes all of ET Paul block
Does not remove southbound through lane



Option E Advantages:
Narrower Town/Bryden/Parsons Intersection
Improves pedestrian crossing across Parsons at Town/Bryded
Provides more green space on neighborhood side

Option E Trade-offs:
No left turns from Parsons to Town Street or Bryden Road




Option F Advantages:
Creates consistent edge along west side of Parsons
Maximizes green space on neighborhood side of Parsons, allowing for more potential redevelopment space


- Diagram also shows removing tree lawn buffer between sidewalk and road on east side of Parsons Avenue, north of Town/Bryden. This could occur on any option.




Option G Advantages:
Creates consistent edge along west side of Elijah Pierce
Adds more on street parking on Elijah Pierce
Allow for Entire block redevelopment

Option G Trade-offs:
Removes all buildings on ET Paul Block (including Tire Warehouse)
Removes garage along alley*

*Note: NOT required by ODOT or project


Various elements of each option above can be combined.  The above picture is a combination of options C, E and F.