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Spring Street Bridge Closure

Demolition and closure begins Friday, May 4
The Spring Street Bridge will close for 180 days starting Friday, May 4 to allow for demolition and construction of a new bridge over I-71.
Alternate east-west routes around the Spring Street construction zone include:
  • East Broad Street (via Hamilton Street)
  • Jack Gibbs Boulevard (via St. Clair or Cleveland Avenue)
  • Long Street (eastbound only)
  • 5th Avenue (via St. Clair or Cleveland Avenue)
We know you’ve got questions, but let us lay out some basic project facts for you.
  • Unlike the Long Street Bridge, the Spring Street Bridge is not wide enough to allow traffic to be maintained one lane at a time, so it must be closed during demolition and construction.
  • The Spring Street Bridge actually has two bridges that will be removed and replaced with a single bridge over I-71.
  • This is more than a bridge replacement. This project segment also involves digging a tunnel for the ramp from I-71 Northbound to I-670 Eastbound. The new Elijah Pierce Boulevard will go over the top of the tunnel.
How noisy will it be?
Demolition and construction work will generate noise. Depending on weather and wind conditions, that noise can carry or seem louder.
  • Concrete saws, cranes and hoe-rams will break up the concrete and remove the old steel beams and bridge support columns.
  • Heavy trucks will haul away steel and other demolition debris for recycling.
  • Construction work will involve many of the same machines along with cranes and pile drivers, as well as heavy trucks hauling dirt, steel or fresh concrete.
Please also be aware that the vehicle back-up alarms you may hear from trucks or other heavy equipment are required by law to protect the safety of those working in the construction zone. Noise like back up alarms on trucks can be annoying but are safety features that save lives and are required by law to help ensure the safety of the construction workers.
There will be times when workers will be performing mechanical checks of equipment and changing operators. During these times, noise from the operation may be notably reduced.

So, what can we do to deal with the noise?

  • Make sure doors and windows are shut to minimize noise exposure.
  • Relocate to interior rooms of the home or keep curtains closed.
  • Turn on a fan or similar device that creates “white noise” to minimize sounds from outside.

Please be assured that ODOT and Kokosing will continue to minimize noise and vibrations to the extent possible. We will also continue to reach out through our neighborhood visits.


Will there be constant pounding?

ODOT and Kokosing, the contractor, are working closely with the City of Columbus to be respectful of the people who live and work in the area. That includes coordinating with local churches to make sure construction zone noise and vibrations don’t interfere church services or special events. Some noise and vibration, however, cannot be avoided.


When will the Spring Street Bridge re-open?

Construction is expected to be completed November, 2012.


Let us know what you think

If you have comments or specific concerns, please call the Columbus Crossroads hotline at 877-381-7071, email us at info@odot71670.org, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. 
ODOT I-71/670 On Facebook!ODOT I-71/670 On Twitter