Columbus Crossroads Phase I: I-71/670 Project. Hotline 877-381-7071
After the morning drive tomorrow, Tuesday, December 3, crews will be working on Interstate 71south between Jack Gibbs Blvd. and Broad St. from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. installing pavement markings.
Crews are going to place “hash marks” that look like this, >>>>> on the paved area where motorists are not supposed to drive.
Last week a third sign was installed so motorists know they have to MERGE LEFT because the left lane ends if they continue on I-71 south.
Since all highway movements were opened on the I-71/670 project last week, this area has proven the most frustrating for motorists. Future projects on the I-71/70 corridor will add a third lane for I-71 south travelers.
Below is a graphic to help motorists travel safely through the area and based on signing, select the right lane assignment if they are trying to access Interstate 70.

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