The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has developed and implemented a Project Development Process (PDP) that includes regular communication among technical disciplines, results in quality plans, and minimizes cost overruns during right-of-way acquisition and project construction.  Depending on project size, complexity, and/or potential impact to the environment, ODOT transportation projects are categorized as Minimal, Minor, or Major.  The PDP consists of a number of steps depending on the project category.  The Allen 75 Study is categorized a Major project.  The PDP for Major projects has 14 steps.  ODOT’s Major PDP

The PDP transportation decision-making approach provides a seamless process from planning through construction and encourages open communication for making informed decisions during all stages of project development.  By involving all disciplines in the earliest stages of the process, issues affecting project type, scope, preliminary development, and cost are identified early.