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Innerbelt Bridge


The NEW East 9th Street Extension is now OPEN! 
A safer, more convenient route to Cleveland’s Industrial Flats 
Attention Flats Commuters & Businesses: Motorists traveling to the Industrial Flats now use the NEW E 9th Street Extension, a recently built roadway that carries traffic between Ontario/Orange at E 14th and Canal Road at Commercial Road.  The new roadway is now fully open!  Click here for a map-view and directions for using the new Extension.
What is It?
  • The East 9th Street Extension is a new route into and out of the Flats to be used primarily by Flats industry and heavy trucks to reduce traffic at the Carnegie/Ontario intersection.
  • Heavy truck traffic previously entered the east bank of the Flats via old Central Viaduct Way or “Commercial Road Hill.”  The roadway was narrow, steep and curvy, and only accessible via downtown streets including Carnegie Avenue and Ontario Street.
  • The new East 9th Street Extension connects East 14th Street and Broadway/Orange/Ontario with Canal and Commercial Roads in the Flats.
  • The Extension is accessible via the I-90 east exit for Broadway Avenue as well as from East 14th Street and Broadway/Orange. 
  • Upon completion of the second new (eastbound) Innerbelt Bridge, a new exit for southbound East 9th Street will be constructed. This new exit will provide direct access to the extension and the industrial Flats.  The East 9th Street Extension at that time will be connected directly to existing East 9th Street which travels through the heart of downtown Cleveland.

9th st map copy.jpg

Not Just for Ease of Commerce, but also for Safety:
  • The intersection of Carnegie and Ontario – which sits adjacent to Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians – is one of the most congested in the region.
  • A total of 153 crashes occurred near the intersection of Carnegie and Ontario between 2008 and 2010.  Nearly one-third of these crashes resulted in injuries.
  • Each day, 40,000 to 60,000 vehicles pass through the intersection.
  • More than 2,000 of those vehicles are heavy trucks.
  • The NEW E 9th Street Extension reduces heavy truck traffic at this important intersection, making it a safer, more convenient option for commuters.
About the New East 9th Street Extension:
  • The roadway consists of two lanes, one in each direction, as well as a multi-use path for pedestrians and cyclists.  The multi-use path is expected to be complete and open within the coming weeks.
  • The Extension itself provides stellar views of the river valley and Flats area below.
  • Crews completed construction of a new bridge over the RTA tracks.
  • The entire Extension is just over half-a-mile long.