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Innerbelt Bridge


Innerbelt Funding News & Information

TRAC Process:

  • The Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) assists in developing a project selection process for ODOT’s largest investments. The TRAC, chaired by ODOT’s Director, also approves “Major New” projects – like the eastbound Innerbelt Bridge – for funding.
  • On January 31, 2012, the TRAC accepted a draft “Major New” program list.  The draft list is a realistic and honest assessment of ODOT’s current funding scenario and addresses the fiscal realities to bring the “Major New” program into balance. 
  • Ohio is facing a $1.6 billion budget shortfall.  Without additional new revenues, major new projects around the state, including the second bridge, will be delayed.
  • Because of the economic decline, cars that use less gas and uncertain federal highway funding, Ohio doesn’t have enough gasoline tax revenue – its primary highway funding source – to keep up with the rising costs of building new transportation projects, let alone maintain its current system.
  • The draft list is available for a 45-day written comment period through March 17, 2012. 
  • The TRAC vote on the final list is anticipated later this year.

Let the Council Hear YOU:

  • Written public comments may be sent to the following addresses:
  • Standard Mail:  

Ohio Department of Transportation, C/O Jim Gates
1980 West Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43223

  • Once the written public comment period concludes, the TRAC will decide if additional public hearings are needed, then proceed with a vote later this year to accept a final TRAC list.

What is ODOT Doing to Move TRAC Projects Forward More Quickly?

  • Federal Government Grant – Specific to the Inner Belt Bridge project:
    • ODOT has applied for a $120 million “TIGER IV” grant and has already submitted a pre-application.  Five hundred million dollars are available nationwide. However, the most any one state can receive is $125 million.  A formal application is due March 19. Grant winners will be announced later in the year.
  • Reducing ODOT’s Overhead:
    • Over the past year ODOT has reduced staff through attrition – and without layoffs – by 300 employees and saved taxpayers approximately $22,878,000 annually. 
    • ODOT’s strategic plan includes many additional initiatives that could result in substantial future savings as well.
  • Innovative Funding:
    • Public Private Partnerships – private companies build and pay for new roads in exchange for repayment through a variety of options either from the state or directly from drivers using the road.
  • Leveraging Assets:
    • Like the Ohio Turnpike and non-interstate rest areas.