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Innerbelt Bridge

  Stakeholder groups which include prominent local advocates have met numerous times since the spring of 2006 in order to prescribe important aesthetic elements to the new bridge including scenic overlooks, open railings, new streetscapes and revamped overpasses and ramps.  In December 2010, Cleveland residents were polled on very specific elements – including pier treatments, fence and lighting options, retaining wall materials and more – in order to determine a public preference for each specific element.  Those choices are listed in the column below and to the left.  Public preferences were presented to the City of Cleveland and approved on January 7, 2011.


 Aesthetic Detail Options


**Click on the thumbnails below to view larger images**

Station #1: Viaduct Bridge, Pier Shape & Colors

Station #1: Viaduct Bridge, Architectural Lighting Approach

Station #2: Gateway (Downtown) Area Bridges, E. 9th Street Railing

Station #2: Gateway (Downtown) Area Bridges, Bridges & Walls

Station #3: Tremont Area Bridges

Station #4: Abbey Avenue Bridge over Scranton

Station #5: Carnegie Bridge over GCRTA

Station #6: Broadway Mills Wall

Station #7: Local Street & Pedestrian Lighting


 Get to Know the Project



 Innerbelt Bridge Design Goal


"Aspire to a design that further defines and  enhances the identity of Cleveland, reflects  the technology of our time and respects  Cleveland’s history and culture in a  fiscally-responsible manner." 


 The New Bridge will be just North of the Existing Bridge