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Lakefront West


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1. Comments on the Env Doc
Do you have any comments regarding the Environmental Document?

2. Comments as Currently Proposed
What are your comments regarding the Lakefront West Project as currently proposed?

3. Proposed rerouting comments
It is proposed to reroute U.S. Routes 6 and 20 from the existing west oriented Shoreway West 25th Street ramps and along West 25th Street (up to Detroit Avenue) to a new routing along the new west oriented Shoreway West 28th Street ramps, along West 28th Street to Detroit Avenue, and along Detroit Avenue to West 25th Street. It is also proposed to remove U.S. Route 6A along Detroit Avenue from West 28th Street to West 25th Street, this roadway segment becoming U.S. Routes 6 and 20. Your comments on this proposal would be greatly appreciated. (refer to the the map below for a visual representation)

4. Your Name
To help us document comments and forward future project information, please provide your contact information

4b. Street Address

4c. City

4d. Zip

4e. Primary Phone

4f. E-Mail


 U.S. Routes - Existing and Proposed Map