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Creation of econmic devlopment along the corridor; connectivity to University Circle and the central business district and west side of Clevleand; good use of stimulus and other infrastrucute monies.
Creation of econmic devlopment along the corridor and increased growth of University Circle.
Lee Chilcote
12434 Cedar Road, Suite 3 Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
As a Heights resident, I am constantly frustrated by the distance and time it takes reach an interstate in general, and downtown specifically. We live 8.5 miles from Public Square, but the maze of roads and poor timing of lights makes this trip an average of 30 minutes. That's an average pace of 17 miles per hour and no quicker than it takes someone from 25 miles away in Westlake! My sister in-law lives roughly the same 8.5 mile distance from downtown Columbus in a neighborhood called Clintonville, and the travel time there is 12 minutes. That's a major difference.
I'm concerned that the project will not be an interstate and that travel will be slowed by traffic lights or other cross street development (gas, restaurants, etc.). 

While it is not on the drawing board, I believe the Corridor termination should be extended to just west of Shaker Square and, for Cleveland Heights and Little Italy residents, north to 105th.
I would like to see the Opportunity Corridor provide quicker downtown access to the inner ring eastern suburbs. This project could be major boon to the health of downtown, not just the health of University Circle.
William Patrick Rond
3382 Kenmore Rd. Shaker Heights, OH 44122
I LOVE this project idea! For me, this would be a fantastic alternative to driving through downtown Cleveland or up E 55th St. to get to the Heights or University Circle. It would also make getting to the airport (a trip I make regularly) much easier and faster. And I am fully supportive of revitalizing this area of Cleveland.
My only concern is that the project will still take many years to complete.  Let's get this thing moving!
Easier movement throughout the city and region.
I think that this project has a number of advantages for the city as a whole and for the particular neighborhoods that will be directly affected by the corridor. Specifically the city will benefit as a whole by giving it's visitors and citizens better access to University Circle, as well as freeing up some of the congestion that traffic to this area causes in other areas around downtown. The individual neighborhoods along the corridor will benefit by having incresed businesses looking to tap into a ready market for the sale of products and services to those travelling to and from University Circle. Other businesses may see this area as a good place to re-locate because of easy access, and cheap land that the city can offer with tax abatements and other economic insentives. Housing development would be the next logical step to follow as those working in University Circle may want to look for convenient housing close to their work. The proximatey to the RTA could also spur additional housing and business develoment.
Obviously the biggest concern is cost.  The other would be the resistence from local residents and merchants whose lives would be disrupted.  This could easily be politicized.  The third would be ensuring that all of the time and money spent will result in the most useful, fully recognized corridor that benefits the most people.
please see #1
Christopher Barr
2919 Coleridge Road Cleveland Hts. OH 44118
1) Quicker access to a booming area of Cleveland 2) Development possibilities along the route 3) Blighted area redevelopment
Nothing seems to be happening
1) Quicker access to a booming area of Cleveland 2) Development possibilities along the route 3) Blighted area redevelopment
Edd Henderson
Why not make a connection to Shaker Blvd at the same time?
It would improve traffic flow greatly.