Columbus North Side Fix

Coming Soon

Coming soon…this Tuesday morning, February 7, weather permitting, there will be an extra lane for State Route 315 north between SR 161 and I-270. The photo gives you some idea of how the lanes will be reconfigured. What’s missing are the stripes or lane lines.

There will be concrete barrier separating northbound 315 and northbound 315 lanes trying to head east on I-270.
ODOT believes that extra lane for northbound traffic will help alleviate congestion especially at peak travel times.
When SR 315 north went down to one lane about two months ago, ODOT received a lot of phone calls and complaints about the increased congestion.
Unfortunately, this second lane for 315 north will go away in May in order for the contractor to rebuild the exits from SR 315 north to westbound 270 and the ramp from I-270 east to SR 315 north. The contractor needs the room to work.
Speaking of new ramps... If you are driving east on I-270, and look to the right, you can see the progress and how that new ramp will carry eastbound 270 traffic right to US 23. This new ramp is the longest ramp on the North Side Mega Fix project.

One of the most expensive bridges on the project is the one commonly known as the Shepherd’s Hook because ODOT engineers said it looks like one. This new ramp and bridge carries southbound 315 traffic to I-270 east and US 23. The Shepherd’s Hook ramp actually travels over mainline SR 315 and northbound traffic exiting to I-270 and US 23.

The Shepherd’s Hook ramp and bridge are one of the most expensive due to all the steel that was used during construction. Now that all the steel has been installed, you can see more clearly how it will carry SR 315 south traffic around and over SR 315 north.
Despite the winter weather, the contractor is still working—under bridges and behind barriers—to ensure the North Side Mega Fix project is complete by the end of this year.  
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