Columbus North Side Fix
First Project in the Rearview
With the exception of a few minor items, the first project to reconfigure Interstate 270 at US 23 on the north side is complete. What’s left to complete includes: manhole and water valve adjustments, patching and painting wall blemishes and traffic signal inspections. Hard to believe Ohio’s first ever ‘trench’ has been open for more than a year.  
Above: (Left) Driving through the trench (two NB express lanes)that are roughly 30’below US 23. The photo on the right is looking back at the trench from Northwoods Blvd. south.
While this construction zone might be free of the orange barrels, you don’t have to go far to find them. Construction at I-270 and State Route 315--less than a mile away-- is at a fever pitch, due in large part to the great weather this fall. Crews are working day and night on the ramps from US 23 south, the longest bridge on the project for eastbound I-270 traffic and the ‘shepherd’s hook.” That’s also the most expensive bridge on the project due to all the steel. The shepherd’s hook will carry southbound SR 315 traffic from Hard Rd. and points north to US 23 and I-270.
Above: (Left) was taken on Wednesday afternoon Nov. 2 where it was obvious a section of steel was missing from the ‘shepherd’s hook’ bridge that travels over SR 315. The very next day, Voila! The missing curved section of steel was in place.
Above: (Left) Longest bridge on the project. Carries EB 270 traffic trying to get to US 23. Photo on the right is looking over the right side of that bridge that travels over SR 315 north exiting to either US 23 or I-270 east.
This photo captures a construction worker on the section of Olentangy Trail that is currently closed, The trail closed last year to facilitate construction of some of the new ramps and bridges. Olentangy Trail is expected to open by the end of November.
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