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Public Comments on Recomendations

"I understand TRAC has proposed that improvements to Worthington's northern gateway at the interchanges of Interstate 270, US Route 23 and State Route 315 be delayed by more than 20 years. A delay of this magnitude will have a dramatic impact on the City of Worthington and its ability to compete effectively to attract and retain business." Peter Macrae of Macrae ARCHitechture, LLC (3/26/12)
"The improvements necessary are long overdue. My office overlooks that area, and all I see are confused and frustrated drivers, not to mention plenty of backups and accidents. Worthington emergency crews are dispatched to crashes in this area hundreds of times each year." Mark Shaw of AAA Ohio Auto Club (3/15/12)
"The unsafe conditions that exist in this area could cause more accidents to occur, increase congestion in the area and deter future businesses from locating in the City of Worthington." Emily Armitage, Worthington resident (3/14/12)
"My husband drives with my baby through this interchange every day and I am scared for their safety. The interchange cannot handle the amount of traffic it recieves and the accident statistics for this section are startling. Please do our sanity, our families and our communities a favor and reconsider the timing on this project." Rebecca Coleman (3/14/12)
"This has been hazardous for far too long and it is time that priority was given to solving this situation. Thank you for your support in helping to alleviate this condition." Lou Briggs, Worthington resident (3/13/12)
"It is my understanding that this section of roadway has been identified as the fourth most congested/high crash location in the State of Ohio. It is a truly dangerous region for driving. In my neighborhood, it is known as the "super-collider." Secondly, as a hazardous cargo route, will we wait until we have a major environmental accident until it is decided that something needs to be done soon. I hope this is not the case." Robert Brugler, Worthington resident (3/13/12)
"I was very surprised to hear that there will be a 15+ year delay in the construction of this area. This is a very dangerous
merge and I have forbidden my daughter to ever drive in this area. It's not good because we live less than a mile from this
area and need to use it quite frequently. With the money the state has saved this winter due to warm weather, I think this
should be re-evaluated and pushed WAY UP in the time frame." Lee Hunter, Worthington resident (3/12/12)
"Please give higher priority to the improvements for the 270 intersections with 23 and 315. The volume of traffic is ever increasing and the movement across lanes to enter or exit is dangerous." Tom Beerman, Worthington resident (3/7/12)
"As you are well aware, the explosive growth of this area has been accompanied by an exponential growth in its traffic issues. I understand the I-270 interchanges at Routes 23 and 315 represent the fourth most congested and/or high crash volume location in Ohio. And the current era, marked by strong commercial and residential growth, continues to be served by anachronistic traffic flow technologies - including weave areas - that is as much as 68 percent over design capacity. Even with more recent improvements to I-270, including the widening completed in 2001, traffic volumes have continued to increase; traffic has grown by over 20 percent since the widening project's completion." Harvey Glick of Insight Bank (12/12/11)
"They are long awaited improvements. ODOT continues to engineer well-thought out projects. Just wish the US 23 exchange project could be closer to 2006." Dianne Brown, Blacklick (11/20/05)
"The sooner the better. Backed up traffic on the freeway is an extreme risk to public safety." Dan Pearse, Columbus (11/17/05)
"I praise the I-270 & US23 interchange and northbound express lanes. US23 is a nightmare, especially getting on/off I-270 with the yields and crossovers. Looks like a very sound idea, and I hope this comes to be, sooner rather than later." Joe Pezzi, Commuter (11/04/05)

"I think the designs will prove to be very effective. But it doesn't negate the fact that alternative modes of transportation will have to be emphasized as part of practical public policy and transportation planning in the 21st Century." Andrew Canard, Sunbury (10/02/04)
"All recommendations seem to be great. However, I see that the US 23 Interchange project isn't slated to start until 2009! This intersection is by far the worst of those being discussed and I believe that it should be started *much* sooner." Mark White, Mansfield (9/20/05)
"I like everything I see--can't construction start sooner?!?! I work in the Crosswoods area and I luckily go to work before 3pm.....what a traffic nightmare after 4pm!!" Neil Rupp of Columbus (8/24/05)
"Please fix the 23/270/315 interchange ASAP!!!!" Westerville Resident (8/12/05)
"I think the recommendations look wonderful. Rt23, 315 and I270 is a bear to deal with everyday. Now, if we could just snap our fingers and have it be completed tomorrow!" Commuter (8/12/05)

"I do not think that the 23/270 interchange can wait until 2008-2012 for construction. The backups on 23 north of the interchange are now every day. There is not a time of day that you can make it through without being stopped by a 10 or more car backup from the light at Campus view." Jeff Hault of Lewis Center (7/24/05)
"The fix is long overdue, and should have been put into place many years ago. All cloverleafs in the city should be eliminated." Jessica Montgomery, Hilliard (7/22/05)
"Removing "loops" and reducing weaving sounds great. Creating express and local lanes worked very well in suburbs outside Washington DC." Delaware Resident (7/20/05)
"Looks good... but I am worried about traffic management during the construction." Chris Hendrix, Westerville (6/27/05)
"Please move up the work on the 315 Interchange - the merging is extreme and the danger outweighs the current conditions at I-71." Columbus Resident (6/25/05)
"Going from 315 North to 23 North via 270 is really scary. With people trying to get on as others get off 270, it's a breath-holder until I'm safely in the exit to 23 northbound! In fact, if I can take another way, even going straight up High Street, I often do." Columbus Resident (6/13/05)

"I whole heartedly look forward to any changes making this a safer route. I have often gone the back roads just to avoid all the backup, congestion and accidents." Brenda Lloyd, Columbus (6/11/05)

"Looks like a GREAT idea -- we don't allow our son to drive this route because of the merging problems. We have had way too many scary experiences in that area, going from 315 to 270 east to Cleveland Ave. The short merges and high speeds are TERRIBLE." Columbus Resident (6/11/05)
"Tues 6/7/05 I and my two very young children almost had a fatal crash. I tried to cross from 315N onto 270E. My blinker was on and as I was 1/2 way out of my lane going left, a semi going about 70 mph cut me off from the left- we were both heading for the cement divider between the highways. At the same time a motor cycle going about 70 shot up from behind me on the right trying to take the lane I was leaving as he thought he had a clear shot to route 23. I was within feet of being killed by the semi or killing the motorcyclist, with a cement divider fast approaching. I didn't make it onto 270E, but avoided certain death by slipping back into my old lane just after the motor cycle passed. This exchange needs to be corrected before there are more fatalities. It is now only chance whether or not you may have to choose between being killed or killing someone. The new plans would eliminate the risk factor people are dealing with everyday!" Kathy Davis, Westerville (6/10/05)
"With the incredible amount of volume at these interchanges, the one I am most concerned about would be US 23/I 270. Flyover bridges seem to make the most sense. A trench for through traffic seems a great idea for such a limited space on 23 North and South." Westerville Resident (5/25/05)

"There should be a way to reduce the congestion on 23 and 270 by reducing traffic lights in the area. There is a large amount of traffic on E Campus View that cannot be handled by that light with the amount of traffic on 23 to and from 270." Westerville Resident (5/25/05)

"Merging from I71 south to I270 west is also dangerous, due to merging and crossover in the inside lane. The merge with I71 South traffic to I270 West on that same ramp seems to be OK. I can hardly wait for the flyover ramp from I270 east to I71 north to be completed. Thanks!" John Beal, Delaware (5/11/05)
"The flyover from 270 east to 71 North is the best idea I have seen since the suggestion to change the 270/Sawmill to a SPUI (Single Point Urban Interchange). This will save countless thousands of hours for drivers, and make it much safer (cars merge better when traveling at similar speeds). Thank in advance!" Jim Ketchal, Hilliard (5/09/05)
"I think this is long overdue. I've always thought that there should be a different exit from I-270 east to I-71 north. The proposal is precisely the same as I had visualized on my daily trips from the northwest side of Columbus." Jim Haning of Hilliard (4/28/05)

"Develop HOV lanes, replace the old clover leaf ramps with fly over ramps, and create a new way for traffic to flow more smoothly without pinch points in high volume traffic areas." Rexford Garnes, Blacklick (4/21/05)
"I drive 270 east to 315 north in the mornings and I do not like the current ramp structure. It makes me very nervous exiting onto 315 north when there are cars coming onto 270 east that do not yield. The recommendations seem to be a good solution." Tracey Jolly, Dublin (3/25/05)
"Based on the designs recommended it looks like it would be a great help to me in the morning and evening drives." Dublin Resident (3/20/05)
"Like the 315 suggestion. Love the Sawmill interchange, but will this back up terribly on 23? Lights will need to be long to move traffic--however, separate lower through lanes will ease the congestion seen at Sawmill." Gerene Bauldoff, Powell (3/09/05)
"All the drawings I saw on the web page look very reasonable. I dread having to go north of the outerbelt at rush hour (I live on the south side), and am not too wild about the disruption during construction, but this has to be done, and the solutions seem workable." Bill Yost, Worthington (3/09/05)

"Sounds great, I like the sawmill interchange it has really helped congestion there-and 315-23-270 is a nightmare especially if you are behind someone who doesn't know where they are going. One problem is 315 north to 270, signage is blocked by the Wilson Bridge Road Bridge and they can't see their lane until they are past the bridge, then there is only a short time to get out of the 270 E exit lane." Westerville Resident (3/03/05)
"The flyover ramp from I-270 East to 71 is a particularly good idea, as that is the second biggest problem in the area, in my opinion. The biggest problem that I encounter on a daily basis is the merge where I-71 South meets I-270 West. Many folks who are on the I-71 South ramp move from the right lane (which continues) to the left lane (which merges) at the exact point the merge happens. This keeps drivers on the I-270 West right lane from being able to properly prepare for the merge, thus creating quite a lot of last-second braking or lane changes to accommodate the extra traffic. The right lane of the I-71 South to I-270 West exit ramp should be barricaded with vertical plastic tubing until the merge is complete. This would keep cars from moving from the right lane into the merging lanes at the last second, but would allow them to run over the tubing to do so in the case of an emergency." Greg Laycock, commuter (3/03/05)
"They look ok - but long term you need to figure out how to move thru-traffic from Columbus up North of Polaris/Powell towards Delaware. The only way for truck/traveler traffic to get from Detroit/Toledo to Columbus/SE Ohio/West Virginia/Virginia is through 23 and this is your problem!" Loren Moss, Lewis Center (2/21/05)
"I think that ODOT's recommendations are good provided that they do not take a prolonged period (such as ten years) and the intended effect is not counteracted by continual suburb overdevelopment." Nathaniel Olbrysh, Dublin (2/02/05)
"I approve of the flyover ramps. The current merge-loop arrangement is clearly not working." Powell Resident (1/23/05)
"I love the new 270/71 interchange - that will be a huge relief as my typical normal drive starts on 23 then east bound on 270, the drive over 71 can be harrowing with all those people merging. I am concerned about the proposed changes to 23. It seems the addition of lights will only worsen the backlog in the evening when people are trying to get home via 315/270/23N." Worthington Resident (1/20/05)
"I think it looks very well thought out and a huge improvement over what's there now. The only traffic issue with 23/270 that I did not see addressed (it's probably impossible) is people going West on 270 who are going to 315 and cut down the 270W/23 exit/entrance area. They are generally going 60-70 mph while the incoming traffic off of 23N is going around 20 mph because of the tight on-ramp loop." Commuter (1/20/04)
"I think that all 3 of these concepts are exceptional. The idea of the through-lanes on 23 is a good idea." Paul Eder, Columbus (1/03/05)
"These recommendations should be made a priority to improve our society." Tiffany Arnold, Westerville (12/24/04)
"While the recommendations are sufficient, I would like to suggest the extension of the 315 highway to north of Delaware, or a highway link between Interstate 71 and Route 23 north of the Alum Creek Reservoir. These proposals will do much to alleviate traffic problems between Columbus and northern Delaware County. With some other improvements to the Rt. 23-SR 315 corridor, there could be an Interstate-grade connection between Columbus and northwest Ohio and beyond." Highway User (12/21/04)
"I appreciate the comprehensive study. It is very insightful. However I don't see any consideration given to the impact the Campus View and Flint Road interchanges have on the traffic flow. In many ways I think those lights create much of the backup. Traffic from the north approaches Flint Rd up a grade. Trucks take a long time attaining any speed when they start up after stopping at that light. Then they coast at low gears to the Campus View light further slowing traffic." Douglas Shrake, Westerville (11/25/04)
"I travel the entire length of 315 6 days a week. My suggestion to help the traffic run smoother is the make Route 315 and Route 750 (aka Powell Rd., aka Polaris Parkway) NO LEFT TURN ALLOWED IN FROM ALL 4 DIRECTIONS." Patty Black, Dublin (11/24/04)
"The plans are hard to imagine, but the biggest problem on 270 overall is in ramp after ramp entering the freeway before any traffic can exit. Everywhere else in society, people exit an area before others are let in - elevators, buildings, tour groups etc. All of our ramps except for west bound at Sawmill dump traffic in the way of cars trying to exit - (71, 161,easton,)" Mary Wadika, Worthington (11/19/04)
"ODOT's recommendations appear to be a great start to improve Routes 23 and Routes 315 in the northern I-270 area. Face it--maybe the Delaware County to Franklin County area needs its own new version of I-670--a brand new, extra interstate route connecting Delaware County to Franklin County, maybe running between Route 42 and I-270. This new route would help cut down the excess traffic elsewhere back and forth from Delaware and Franklin Counties." Delaware Resident (11/19/04)
"The I-71 NB Ramp improvement is badly needed. Going around the current ramp to 71 N is a pain." David Krier, Dublin (11/12/04)
"I would like to see flyover ramps built on 315, and exit diamond ramps on 23 with an extra lane and below grade expressway - I also thinking moving the Temple Road to interchange with Campus View makes much more sense than leaving it the way it is." Powell Resident, (11/09/04)
"This (recommendations) would be better, takes care of the mess trying to get on 270 east from 23, fighting cars getting on 23s off of 270e." Commuter (10/28/04)
"I71/I270 Interchange- The southbound I71 traffic exiting to I270 East does not have a chance to accelerate before merging into I270 traffic. It is the case now, and is now compounded by exiting I270 East to I71 North. Accidents will be decreased by adding permanent barrier separating merging I71 traffic from I270 traffic." Troy Hargis, Lewis Center (10/20/04)
"Alternative C for US 23 is acceptable, though there must be more done to get traffic out of Crosswoods and onto US 23 South (15 minute waits are common). The I-71 ramp is much needed and will solve many problems that currently exist in this corridor. Also, even out the ramps onto I-71 South from I-270. The turn is gradual, then very sudden and surprising, even to people who drive it every day." Daniel Mejak, Columbus (10/15/04)
"The cloverleaf interchange at U.S. 23 has been outdated from a capacity and safety standpoint. Also, access from Northbound S.R. 315 to Eastbound I-270 is near impossible during the rush hours. Any recommendation should alleviate the conflict among drivers having to rapidly cross and change lanes to get to their destinations." Columbus Commuter (10/08/04)
"These ideas look excellent! Lets do it." Dublin Resident (9/13/04)
"All of the designs look great. The I-71 and Rt. 23 exit ramps are currently horrible backup of cars especially on Fridays. When we were looking to buy a bigger home in 1998. I said absolutely no to northern Worthington, Northern Westerville or the Polaris area because of the heavy stop and go traffic. I drive from Gahanna/Westerville (Morse/Hamilton Rd.) to Dublin everyday for work." Mark Sopczak, Gahanna (9/12/04)
"Along with the new traffic ramps, please do not forget a possible pedestrian bridge, crossing Route 23 overhead between the Campus View area and the York Temple/Woods at the Josephinum area." Delaware Resident (8/30/04)
"While the recommendations will address symptoms, the basic cause of congestion remains: U.S. 23 is both a heavily commercial route and a through traffic route. Why not re-route a through U.S. 23 route along S.R. 315 and extend that expressway to the existing U.S. 23 expressway south of Marion? It would seem that this solution would address the long-term traffic and growth concerns. Granted, it would mean a major expressway construction, but this would alleviate a HUGE amount of through traffic on the present U.S. 23, which could then be designated a business route." Darryl Larson, Columbus (8/20/04)
"It would be GREAT to have a dedicated lane/exit from Southbound 23 to 315 South/North that would bypass 270 altogether. Also, going 270 East traffic from 71N should not interfere with people going 270 East to 71 South." Ryan Swank, Columbus (8/06/04)
"These fly overs on the 315 access areas. They will freeze much more quickly than land based ramps. Have you accounted for the multiple accidents in inclement weather? I would hate to drive these in the annual freezing rain and low visibility of winter." Kevin Kemp, Columbus (8/06/04)
"I'm pleased to see the new interchange renderings on the website (though the IH270/US23 interchange is not accessible). As a former Westerville resident, I'm particularly happy with the recommended changes for the I71/I270 interchange. I'd been concerned that the new EB-to-NB flyover ramp would potentially impact Sharon Woods Park, but the rendering shows that the ramp was instead pushed south over brewery land before turning north. Now living in Texas, I'm used to 4 and 5-level stack interchanges between freeways, so I'm relieved to see ODOT sticking with a well-planned low-level design at this location." Jeff Neal, Grand Prairie, Tx. (7/19/04)
"The plans look like they would make improvements to the area, however I am most concerned about the weaving that might still be required in the 315/270/23 area. This is currently what seems to be causing the largest problem, and without eliminating it, I don't think that the project would be making a large enough change to be worth it." Jeffrey Smutny, Dublin (7/19/04)
"I have strong concerns about the lack of pedestrian consideration for US 23 (High St). This area is a
transit location with many service level jobs and potential for people to need pedestrian and bike access. I have frequently witnessed pedestrians and bicyclists traveling across this already dangerous intersection, and what I see of the preliminary plans completely disregards bike and pedestrian safety." Anonymous (7/13/04)
"I definitely agree with all recommendations. I drive from 270@ Cleveland Ave. to Sawmill Rd. and back again every day. I have been waiting for these issues to be assessed." Columbus Resident (7/06/04)
"The only improvement that would really impact me is the 270 / I-71 construction. That would be wonderful. It is such a mess at that interchange, especially during morning and evening rush hour. The proposed improvements would make that whole interchange so much better. Please do this!!!!" Jessica Slate, Blacklick (7/01/04)
"I feel that more needs to be done to speed up the traffic flow on 23 north of the outerbelt. It is horrible during rush hour and somewhat acceptable at other times. You can only expect the traffic to become much heavier on 23 as the construction and growth rate in Delaware County continues at tremendous speeds..." Commuter (6/20/04)
"I think when 315 comes onto 270-EB there should be 3 lanes coming off of 315. One for 23 south, One for 23 north and one for 270 east. 270 east lane should not come onto 270 until after 23 where both the traffic off of 315 and 23 merge onto 270. Exiting off of 270 EB onto 23 SB there should be constructed a bridge to pass over these 3 lanes and merge with the 315 to 23s lane." Art Andre (6/18/04)
"ODOT might consider a brand new access road running from the Camp Mary Orton entrance on Route 23, along Route 23 southward to the Woods entrance at Campus View, into the Woods area, and southwestward to a new access ramp for the Woods onto I-270, with a return lane back again from I-270 thru the Woods to Route 23 at the Mary Orton entrance." Commuter (6/22/04)
"The recommendations show reasonable thought process and I definitely agree that something needs to be done with the 315/270/23 intersection. This is a serious travel hazard!!!Thank you for researching and preparing to make changes to improve the situation." Commuter (6/21/04)
"I like these recommendations because they don't require a lot of eminent domain seizures. Most of the land appears to be easement. I like the idea of eliminating clover leafs. Long, swooping on/off ramps speed traffic flow through an interchange." Commuter (6/14/04)
"Recommendations seem reasonable. US 23 above or below grade NB expressway limits are difficult to understand without a sketch or schematic drawing." Stephen Ruane, Westerville (6/11/04)
"It appears that ODOT has taken into consideration the environmental impact of water run off at Camp Mary Orton although I do not see anything that leads me to believe there will be available access to the Camp from 23 North. As a supporter of CMO and the Godman Guild, I am fully aware of the programs offered and the thousands of travelers who will need access to CMO from 23 if heading north, not to mention the countless volunteers who provide time, material and labor at CMO. I urge you to include access to CMO in your final plans." Cindy Hackney (6/11/04)
"Meeting was very factual with recommendations being well laid out. Questions were answered on the spot. Overall, recommendations look good. Major safety issues have been addressed, though emergency vehicle access may still be a problem. Hope the projects progress & do not get bogged down & never happen, i.e. Dublin-Granville (SR 161) widening." Rich Herner (6/10/04)
"I go out of my way to avoid north 270 corridor after 4pm in either direction because of the potential for major traffic issues. I know I am not saying anything new here, but just wanted to add one more voice. even though there are seemingly enough lanes, once traffic backup starts in the 315-23-270 section frustrated drivers do stupid things which cause accidents which then completely choke the highway. It seems there is always an accident in this area during rush hour. Devising a way to free up the offloading of cars onto 23 north and 71 north will help this situation greatly. Taking that step will reduce the backup, which will reduce the frustration and then the stupid/hazardous driving... reducing accidents resulting in a much better driving experience through this corridor." Local Resident (6/04/04)
"The main issue is the ease of getting on and off the highway. If you improve the ability of people to get on and off at 23, 315, and 71, it will reduce the accidents and improve traffic flow. The creation of some through lanes in the center would help get all the fast moving traffic away from the backups, and help reduce accidents as well." Commuter (6/03/04)
"The way the 315N-270E ramp intersects the 270E-23 ramp makes that a dangerous section of roadway. It's difficult to get from 270 to 23 during rush hour. The resulting stopped traffic on 270 is common and dangerous. The right lane is stopped, the next-to-right lane is slow, but the left lane is still going 80MPH. It's scary over there." Commuter (6/02/04)
"A BIG BIG improvement would be alternate routes North. In fact, alternate routes that can handle traffic and keep traffic flowing would be nice. If any major road in Columbus is closed or slowed due to traffic, there are NO viable alternate routes. A few major cross town boulevards would even be helpful. Columbus needs to look at improving its internal street layout to help ease this problem. Most other major cities have major thoroughfares that can be used to move across town without the need to get onto an interstate." Commuter (5/24/04)
"The confluence of Worthington-Galena, Wilson Bridge, Huntley, Lakeview and Sancus roads at the I-270 underpass is a major contributor to the overall congestion/traffic flow issues that bubbles back to I-270 at U.S. 23. Whatever the total solution is you must consider this challenge." Bob Beasely, Columbus (5/18/04)
"I feel the biggest problem is created because 270E traffic attempting to go 23N has to wait on 23S traffic attempting to go 270E. If traffic could be rearranged so these two types of traffic didn't have to merge with each other that would solve a big problem. The next problem is 270 traffic attempting to go 23N. The light at Campus View and 23 causes a backup in all directions. If 270 traffic had the ability to bypass the Campus View light that may also help the problem." Worthington Resident (5/12/04)
"Please get exiting traffic off the highway. Limit the access of merging-on traffic. Get rid of shared on-off merges. Of all of the interstates in Ohio I drive on, I am most afraid of that stretch of I-270." Luckey Haskins, Columbus (5/05/04)
"I hated the circa one hour commute from work each morning when you were updating NE 270 a few years ago, but I didn't mind because the results were fantastic. I would hope that you rework the exchanges at 71, 23 & 315, in hopes of clearing up that traffic a bit...and no, I wouldn't mind delays, so long as the end result was worthwhile." Jason, Westerville (5/03/04)
"The main issue is the merging NB315 traffic onto EB 270 where the 270EB traffic is trying to merge to get
off at US23... then the merge of US 23NB with the 270 WB drivers getting off 23NB. All the other directions are fine." Amy Kramb, Dublin (4/16/04)
"Need to segregate thru traffic from 315/23/270 access. Lane changing between slow and fast lanes causes general slowdowns and potential accidents" Robert Bosely, Columbus (4/09/04)
"Eliminate criss-crossing to get on and off. Provide better signage to direct through traffic to the left lanes. Some way try to enforce proper use of the traffic lanes." Ken Ohler, Mansfield (2/17/04)
"I am looking forward improving these interchanges. One of the big problems with them is the merging traffic crossing with the exiting especially at 315 crossing with the exiting 270 going into 23. I think this new improvement should take into account is the development of Powell and the added traffic from the new mall." Omar Abu-Hajar, Dublin (2/17/04)
"The improvements to date have been a real help. The merge from I-315 N to 270 E and from 270W to 23 N need some help, too much congestion. The get on from 23 S to 270 W is also dangerous due to the number of cars crossing lanes, in my opinion. I am happy to hear that ODOT is at least talking about making some changes and I thank you for the opportunity to voice some concerns." Paul Braun, Dublin (2/11/04)
"When traveling on I-270, the section from 315 to I-71 is an area I dread because of the congestion. The traffic conditions make it very difficult to access the Polaris area for business meetings or personal entertainment/shopping. It is also difficult to access 315 which is the route I use to get downtown for personal obligations or entertainment. Since being involved in an accident on 23N when traffic came to a sudden stop (likely due to the constant stream of oncoming traffic from 270 that seeks to move out of the right lane), I will not go to that area again. Surely people avoiding these areas hurts local businesses." Tina Wray, Dublin (2/10/04)
"315 n to 270e double crossover with 270e to 23 n and s. also 71s to 270e dose not have a safe distance for the 270e traffic to exit to 71n because of another double crossover." Joe Courter, Columbus (1/31/04)
"I am considering moving in order to avoid the US-23/I-270/SR 315 interchange." Kent Adkins, Westerville (1/28/04)
"The reason I rarely use the North Central Outerbelt is because I'm able to avoid it (and the West Outerbelt) by traveling south on Rome-Hilliard Rd and using I-70, I-670 and I-71. My commute time is approximately the same (despite greater distance), but less susceptible to congestion delays." Steve Newman, Hilliard (1/28/04)
"I am concerned with the drivers who I see everyday going over 80 mph. This also includes some wild driving and driving speed of young motorcyclists. There should be more and harsher penalties for careless and reckless endangerment." Business Owner, Gahanna (1/26/04)
"Many of the entrance/exit ramps need to be reworked. In some congested areas the standard "cloverleaf"
is no longer sufficient. Additional ramps and bridges should be built. Spend the money and design them properly, paying special attention to future growth. Highway construction and maintenance is one of the few areas where the government should should spend money." Philip Poinsatte, Brunswick, OH (1/07/04)
The right lanes on NB 315 are horrible in the evening commute and cause many delays. The merge to EB 270 around 23 is so dangerous that I try to avoid it at all costs. We need more room to merge. The same can be said for the ramp from EB 270 to 71 N. The shuffling of cars entering and exiting 270 is very dangerous." (1/02/04)
"My worst problem area is I-270 & US 23 interchange." Paul Junk (12/29/03)
"Mornings I travel East on I-270 from Sawmill and get off at the Rt. 23 exit just past the Rt. 315 interchange. This is a major problem area with people exiting I-270 having to merge with other traffic entering I-270 from Rt. 315. Evenings I go west on I-270 from Rt. 23 and often have trouble getting over to the left before the Rt. 315 interchange. I recommend you watch this area closely and record with video to study rush hour traffic issues. Should make easier to see patterns over many days and you'll see what I'm talking about." Gregory Hoffman, Dublin (12/05/03)
"Small improvements can make a big difference. For example, by reducing from 2 lanes to 1 lane, the ramp from 71 NB to 270 WB, the merge from 71 SB to 270 WB is eliminated. Much more traffic enters 270 WB from 71 SB than from 71 NB." Westerville (12/02/03)
"I travel 270 East to 23 North and then 23 South to 270 West for work. I have already had one car totaled, having been hit from behind. You have to be very aggressive getting on/off 270 from 23 - I do not believe this is safe for anyone. In fact, I have changed my working hours just to avoid the rush hour traffic in that area (work 10am to 7pm)." Jill Shaw, Columbus (12/01/03)
"I drive home from OSU on SR315 each day and join the line of cars exiting off 315 to the 23N exit. The merger of cars leaving 270 to take 23 (N or S) and cars trying to merge from the 315 exit onto 270 is chaotic at best and often dangerous. Frustrated drivers are the 23N exitoften seen driving around the bottleneck only to cut in line for the 23N exit. That serves to back up (and tighten) the line of cars in the left lane trying to get onto 23N. Add the cars exiting the high speed traffic of 270W onto 23N and you have all the conditions for an accident. Widening 270 was great, but a more graceful merger of these critical junctures is needed." Westerville (11/29/03)
"It just seems that it was poorly designed - too many people trying to merge in different directions at once. You have drivers trying to merge onto a major freeway, while at the same time you have traffic trying to get off at a major exit. To add to the issue any time 23 or 71 is backed up this affects 270 which then affects 315. It's a domino affect. I don't know how to fix this (maybe a similar setup to the Easton ramp?) but I'm sure you have some smart people who do. The bottom line is that this issue needs to be addressed soon. That area is expanding way too fast to ignore it for another 5 years. Thank you for your time and concern." Kelly Beres, Westerville (11/26/03)
"I think a large contributor to the problem is Route 23. The traffic on that road backs up and affects the 315/270/23 interchange. That area in particular has too many people trying to do too many different things." (11/26/03)
"23 North seems to be the biggest problem. Traffic on 315 gets backed up past 161 because flow onto 23 north is terrible. It doesn't help any that drivers are also trying to get on and off 270 at the same ramp for 23 north that 315 uses." (11/26/03)
"I don't feel safe while diving up north and it seems they try to run you off the road if your not doing over 70 mph." (11/24/03)
"The backup of traffic from US 23 North on to the exit lane from I-270 East is an extremely dangerous situation. As for sheer gridlock, last Friday (the 21st of November) congestion on 23 North had traffic stopped on 315 North a mile south of 161." Lee Baker, Westerville (11/24/03)
"The backup and congestion that occurs on the 315NB -> 270EB Ramp is by far the biggest problem. The on ramp from 315 to 270 and the off ramps from 270 to 23 are too close and almost always cause delays." (11/24/03)
"The stop lights just north of 270 on Route 23 (College Ave) are a large part of the problems with the I270/23 interchange. Maybe a change there could help." (11/24/03)
"Congestion on 315 NB to get on 270 EB in the evening is unbelievable. I have to get in the far left lane of 315 NB, then switch lanes to the right, so I can exit the ramp to 270 WB to go to Dublin." Columbus (11/10/03)
"Elimination of cross merging would solve or greatly alleviate the problems. The cross traffic at 270 E between 315 and 23 in both the morning and evening rush is terrible. As I’m sure you are aware, there are accidents there nearly every week. The extreme congestion produces impatience. The impatience produces rude and dangerous driving such as people stopped in the center travel lanes of 270 waiting to get in cutting off folks that have been waiting in line. I think by adding in a bridge would help tremendously." Doug Schaefer, Columbus (10/31/03)
"Some of the problems on 270 in general could be improved by driver education and instruction on how drivers are supposed to merge on the "zippers" - not slamming breaks at the start of the merge (especially when you have the right of way) but rather matching speeds and merging at the middle / end of the merge then maintaining speeds as much as possible to clear the merge. A pet peeve of mine. This is why many people will come to these merges in the left through lane and then cut across to enter because others are not efficiently merging and are backing up the exit." Jay Perkins, Pickerington (10/30/03)
"Traffic from northbound 315 to east bound 270 is a serious bottleneck in the afternoon and I personally look for other routes to get home to avoid a very dangerous section of east 270. Hope you can figure a way to make it safe." (10/05/03)
"I-270 is used by many out of town travelers, who are unfamiliar with the area. Many of the overhead signs, particularly in the EB direction are misaligned (arrows over lanes) or lacking advance signing. This would help reduce the number of times unfamiliar drivers attempt to cross many lanes or find themselves in a drop lane at the last minute." (9/29/03)
"Cloverleaf exit jams at I-270/I-71 Interchange during busy times are my biggest headache, followed by I-270/US23/SR315 "weave" area problems." (9/16/03)
"I have been traveling I-270 ever since it was opened. The biggest problem I have is getting from S.R. 315 North to I-270E and from I-270W to S.R. 315 South. Having to merge at the same point where other traffic is trying to get on or off the interstate is just horrible. A lot of the times I am pulling a trailer and trying to accelerate up the hill and merge into high speed traffic can be challenging. If a better design could be achieved, I think it would make a great improvement." (9/10/03)
"Clover leaf interchanges DON'T work; get rid of them" (9/09/03)
"I-270 EB to US 23 North and I-270 EB to I-71 NB are the 2 most critical traffic flow issues. Need new ramps. Third one is I-270 WB to SR 315." (9/05/03)
"I try to avoid heavy volume times, otherwise I would drive 270 more often. Safety and speed issues." (/04/03)
"I believe that the outerbelt could use refinement in the area of 270 east bound from 315 to 71 also to include an easier way to get to 23 north. The biggest problem that I see is commuters going north on 23, and the population increase north of Columbus in the southern part of Delaware Co. is a growing concern. A long term solution to the traffic problems here is greatly needed." (9/03/03)
"I concur - the interchanges need attention! They are outdated and scary. I am most concerned about how close the US 23 & SR 315 exits/entrance ramps from/to I-270 are to each other. I also would like to see traffic signals removed on US 23 & it made into a limited access highway (north of I-270). There are TO MANY driveways off of US 23." (9/02/03)
"Fortunately I commute earlier and in the opposite direction to the main traffic problems on 270. But the number of times each week that the eastbound traffic is at a standstill at 4-4:30p is amazing once or twice a week and sometimes the backup also merges with the problems east of S.R. 3 to make a 7 mile backup at times. Though hopefully once the 161/270 interchange will be completed the backups in Westerville will be eliminated" Matt Roberts, Powell (8/25/03)
"Recently completed projects on SR 315 and I 270 have helped congestion somewhat but drivers don't always seem to know how to use the widened roads. Have you considered an education program to tell drivers how to best use the roads we have? Also, backups from the Polaris Parkway exit seem to frequently cause congestion on I-270 so that should be included in your study as well." Dorothy Adams, Westerville (8/25/03)
"The length of weaving zones is too short on eastbound 270 in two locations:1) 315 N to 270E/270 E to 23, 2) 270 E to 23N and 23S to 270 E." Steven Sheid, Columbus (8/25/03)
"The biggest problem is the Route 23 interchange. Also the I-71 north entrance from EB 270 is a major bottleneck. Both interchanges need addressed." (8/22/03)
"I am a student at Columbus State Community College in the Construction Management Program and the I-270 interchange is one of our key examples of antiquated systems. The traffic flow in the area is too high for the roadway systems that have existed since the 60's. It is very exciting in out department to see that ODOT is trying to resolve the problem." Kenneth Fedor, Columbus (8/21/03)
"For two major highways, the 270e - 71n merge and 71s - 270e merge is much too small. Even during bad times, that's not the major backup. The largest backup I have ever seen occurs daily at 315n - 270e - 23n. If anything, a new off ramp needs to be built directly from 315 to 23 and skip 270 all together." (8/20/03)
"The problem that I see going eastbound at I-71 is that you almost lose the right two lanes of traffic because the far right is slowing down to get off and avoid vehicles entering I-270 eastbound and the lane next to it has to act as an outlet for the far right lane as it gets congested. So at rush hour, only the left two lanes can run at full speed at the interchange." Douglas Groetzinger, Columbus (8/20/03)


"Add metering lights to enter I-270 East from 23 South to improve traffic flow on 270 East and 315 north." Doug Muscillo, Upper Arlington (5/26/04)
"I like the design changes I have seen." Larry Hill, Columbus (5/22/04)
"Widen the stretch of 315 N. between Worthington Hills and Delaware, or create a bypass ramp that would start in Mt. Air and reconnect with 315 N. north of Powell road to allow through traffic to continue without causing delays of 30 minutes or more." Josh Schooley, Delaware (5/19/04)
"US 23 should be converted into a limited access freeway from Worthington Mall to Polaris parkway. The cloverleafs should be eliminated. There should be a separate ramp for 315N to get to 270E w/out having to worry about cars exiting for 23 cutting them off. 23S to 270E and 270W to 23N ramps need to be separated. Temporary fixes could be erecting signs before the 315 S exit that states something like, 'Heavy Merge Ahead. Thru traffic use left two lanes.'" Clintonville Resident (5/18/04)
"I have looked at your proposed plans and believe they are great. The EB 270 to NB23 looks similar to the Sawmill rd exit on 270. That exit works great and would be a good improvement to the 23 /270 area." Nathan Fastinger, Worthington (5/14/04)
"I think the Bethel-Morse connector would both reduce traffic on the outerbelt and provide an alternative when I-270 has disrupted traffic; I also realize it won't be part of this study!" Luke Nutter, Johnstown (3/11/04)
"Make use of some type of flyover, bridge etc that would allow the northbound 315 vehicles to enter 270 e in their own lane so they don't interfere with the vehicles exiting to Rt. 23. Improve the flow on 23 N. to keep the ramp from getting backed up on 270 in the first place." Westerville (2/05/04).
"Making the interchange larger is NOT the solution. I 73 needs to be built to remove traffic from US 23." John Provanzana, Columbus (2/03/04)
"The problem with the outer belt and most of the interstates in and around Columbus is that there are too many vehicles. This is plain and simple. The solution is not to re-route traffic or add a "third lane", it's to reduce the amount of cars. The way to do this is by encouraging public and/or mass transit. The most effective way is by train. There are many benefits of this. Such as, reducing the current and most important problem, traffic, reduce air pollution and reduce cost and time to the drivers. We just can't keep adding highway after highway." Scott Zagorski, Dublin (1/26/04)
"Has anyone looked at having south bound 23 traffic enter 270 east by making a left turn instead of doing the loop as it is now. I would think this would help traffic getting off route 270, to both 23 south and north since traffic taking 23 north from both 270 and 315 would have less to compete with traffic wise." (1/25/04)
"Move the truck weigh station farther North so trucks will not use Rt. 23 to avoid the weigh station." Herb Crites, Columbus (1/18/03)
"Flint Road and South Old State Road should be directly connected together into one northeast-southwest roadway, if possible. Congestion on Route 750/Polaris Parkway might even be helped." John Butsko, Delaware (12/29/03)
"I would like to see a new interchange at I-71 & I-270 on the north side similar to the one at I-77 & I-480 or I-77 & I-490 in Cleveland. These provide for optimal traffic flow on those congested interchanges. One of the biggest challenges when driving I-270 is trying to get to I-71N from I-270W or from I-71S to I-270E on those circular ramps. What a slowdown!!! As far as easing access to Routes 23 & 315 maybe a similar setup like on I-270S at East Broad & Main Sts would be useful. Put all of that traffic on the other side of a wall from the rest of the highway thru traffic." Stan Coffman of Columbus (12/13/03)
"The lane merging onto 270 eastbound from 315 northbound on the northern edge of Worthington combined with the lanes merging from 270 eastbound to the Delaware/Worthington exit east of 315 creates one of the scariest merging areas imaginable, considering the crowded traffic going at high speeds trying to merge and change lanes at rush hours. Something should be done to remove this congestion and eliminate these rush-hour hazards. Maybe some kind of overhead bridge over 270 with lanes that go directly to and from 315 and 23 would help." John Butsko, Delaware (11/25/03)
"Get rid of the 1 lane clover leafs for I-71 and US-23 exits (off I-270). How about multi-lane swooping ramps? Improve 315 north to I-270 east interchange. Campus View and US-23 is a big bottleneck and causes problems and safety concerns for me heading north on 315." Chris Wamsley, New Albany (11/24/03)
"It would be nice if the 270 people exiting at 23 could exit from the left leaving the right for entrance to 270 from 315. Of course that only takes money. Hover cars may be the only answer. Good luck and thanks for asking." Mark Foor, Westerville (11/24/03)
"Treat SR315 and USR23 interchanges as a single large interchange with I-270 thus eliminating the weaving that occurs between SR315 and USR23. Use service road type connections between SR315 and US23." Walt Roehrs, Columbus (11/14/03)
"Maybe 315 could be improved, and connect with 23 a bit further south, maybe Lewis Center??" (11/08/03)
"Too many cell phones & too big a hurry. PUT up lighted speed signs and change the speeds as required by traffic or post officers in lookout above the center to issue commands to patrols driving on the road only slows traffic near a patrol car." Dave Caterina, Johnstown (11/03/03)
"A dedicated ramp from 270 eastbound onto 71 north and another onto 23 north which would not merge with incoming 270 eastbound traffic would be a huge improvement (especially for 71n). 23 northbound would also benefit from a dedicated overpass but most important is that interstate traffic and regional traffic is mixed with local stop and go traffic on 23. This is long term failure. A new interstate spur should prevent trucks and long distance traffic from using 23 by going up 71 and then over to 23 north of Delaware." Gregg Davis, Powell (10/31/03)
"An expensive viaduct should be constructed to eliminate the merge of 315 north traffic to 270 East. This is the biggest joke Ohio's interstate system next to the downtown split of 70/71. Please study and act quickly." Michael Wright of Reynoldsburg (10/26/03)
"The problem with the 270/315/23 interstate is traffic flow because of dangerous patterns. Constantly drivers are cris-crossing multiple lanes and the pattern give the driver’s ability to jump ahead of other drivers. Lane restrictions need to put in place to control multiple lane changes. Maybe lanes barriers and dedicated lanes for ramps need to be developed." Charles Sankey, Westerville (10/16/03)
"Inefficient use of the pavement for NB 315 to SB 23. Lane has very little traffic in it every night. Since improvements to 270 traffic arrives at this location much faster causing a "bottle neck" the flow is no longer metered by the freeway. The flow needs to be metered or the neck of the bottle needs to be widened to accommodate the traffic." Mark Mann, Lewis Center (10/14/03)
"1) Create I-270 by-pass lanes around SR315 & US23 Interchanges. It is a very dangerous choke-point. 2) Improve North Sawmill Road traffic flow so traffic does not back-up onto I270 and cause traffic blockage of the I270 and Sawmill Road 'Center Point" intersection." Jan Stephenson, Columbus
"About 4-5 years ago, the I-271 outerbelt on the east side of Cleveland underwent a major design overhaul resulting in 2 "thru-traffic" lanes & 2 or 3 "local exit" lanes in each direction from I-480 to I-90. Although some foresight was given to the increase in traffic volume across the I-270 North Outerbelt, a more efficient and complete relief of traffic snags and snarls could have been achieved if a similar design would have been implemented in the widening of I-270 a couple of years ago." Powell (10/02/03)
"The 315/270/23 Interchange needs to be redesigned. 315 dumps way too much traffic (2 lanes) into 270's exit path for traffic flow to be continuous. People exiting 315 to 270e are required to get over sometimes 2-3 lanes, while 270 travelers are required to traverse 2-3 lanes to exit to 23. At minimum there needs to be a straight through lane for 315 exiters." (9/29/03)
"270's current signage is from the 70/80's when it was a "true outerbelt" with less traffic, and lower speeds(55mph). Short or long term improvements: Update signage by increasing distances between signs and exits, add signs that designate lanes for 270/23/315; 270/71/Cleveland Ave; 270/Rt3; 270/161. Add "X miles to exit" signs - not just "270 to Cleveland/Wheeling" (Example:Rt 3-5 miles, 161-6.5 miles, Easton-7 miles). In high accident areas decrease 270 speeds (270/315/23 - 270/71 - 270 between 3/161). Designate 270N/E to 23 exit lane as "this lane only." Convert right hand lane of 270 N/E under 23 bridge to an additional lane for 315 traffic to 270 - thereby combining the 315/23 entrance ramps to 270N/E to 1 entrance with 3 lanes. The longer distance between 23/71, will allow traffic enough space to merge onto 270, change lanes with less chance of rear-end collisions and a decrease in 270/315/23 backups." Allan Finnical (9/28/03)
"Although the recent addition of 2 'thru-traffic' lanes improved some traffic flow, the creation of 'local' exits for 315, 23 & I-71 separate from the 'thru-traffic' flow would eliminate much of the merging congestion, accidents & problems. (i.e. I-270 @ Main St., Broad St. & I-70 on east side)." (9/25/03)
"I-270 has greatly improved since it widening but that project didn't do much to improve nor upgrade the old fashioned weaving exit on/off interchanges ... Temporary solution would be to create signage, mark & designate some right hand lanes as dedicated for entrance and exits only. Have through I-270 traffic get in left three lanes. In addition add concrete barriers or plastic poles/cones." David Roseman, Columbus (9/24/03)
"Having to merge over 3 lanes to get onto 270 eastbound from 315 north is HAZARDOUS! The interchange should be redesigned to allow direct access to 270 from 315." (9/24/03)
"I-270/315/23 & I-270/I-71 should have a separate merging lane separated by barriers to allow I-270 traffic to continue in 3-4 lanes unobstructed. Next, blow up the 23 bridge and start over to better improve traffic flow (I don't know how it's possible with the Campus View intersection just north of it. You only have to try to go N on Sawmill from 270 to see that design isn't right.)" Chris Mampe (9/23/03)
"There should be lanes coming from SR-315 North that go over or somehow bypass US-23 traffic to ease congestion. Both on-ramps from SR-315 North to I-270 East should not exit to US-23." Keith Vincent, Columbus (9/20/03)
"Traffic congestion and accidents as a result of weaving between the two closely-spaced interchanges was already a problem back in the late-1980's. This can be eliminated by braiding the SR315 ramps under or over the US23 ramps (similar in concept to the braided ramps between Morse Road and Easton on IH270). However, ramp spurs must be added to the SR315 ramps to allow access to/from US23. At the US23 interchange itself, I don't believe the Single Point Urban Interchange concept would work as well as it does at Sawmill because overall volumes are higher and opposing turning movements are unbalanced." Jeff Neal, Grand Prairie, Tx. (9/19/03)
"Make an express lane(s) that allows cars who don't need off 270 at 315, 23 and 71 to bypass that traffic." (9/19/03)
"The 315, 23, 71 interchanges are old-fashioned cloverleaf styles, they don't work properly. The interchanges need to be updated to eliminate the overlap of people trying to get on/off at the same spot. Also 23 north of 270 is a mess and that interchange will not improve until 23 improves. Only hope for 23 would be over passes at major intersections and service roads. ODOT should have seen this mess long ago and stopped it by making what is a highway stay a highway and controlling access." (9/19/03)
"I think that a new Interchange needs to be built to take the pressure off of the current ones. I think that one could be built at Sancus Road and I 270, that would service the Polaris area, which is the major traffic problem. Also making Ohio 315 4 lanes from I 270 till it ends at Us 23, will help solve many of the traffic flow problems. I think the biggest problem is the outdated interchanges, having cars and trucks weave in and out of each other is very dangerous. That is a major problem, that causes many accidents." (9/18/03)
"City of Worthington could have the best economy by just writing tickets for the reckless driving in the area. Re-lay out the the traffic pattern and reduce the lanes to restrict the diving and weaving of the uncontrollable poor drivers." Charles Sankey, Westerville (9/16/03)
"315/23 directional interchange with CD roads and overhead causeway down center of US 23 north. Lots of money though." Mike Siffer, Sylvania (9/10/03)
"I think the interchange at Dublin (270 / sawmill rd) could work at 23 north 270. As far as Crosswoods if you could add a lane from Wilson bridge all the way up to the Huntington bank." (9/09/03)
"Widen SR 315 all the way to Delaware. This would lessen the traffic getting off of 315 to get on 23 to go to Delaware. Also, it would be a good idea to create express lanes to go thru the area." (9/09/03)
"Why don't you break 315 and 23 into an EASTON type of thing where you get onto its own two lanes That can go through to 270 East or can exit onto 315 or 23 or 71. The biggest problem is merging with the traffic on 270 east already when coming from 315 north. If they had to pass the 23 exit it would be a lot more safe for the drivers." Jeff Fastinger, Lewis Center (9/09/03)
"Why was there not a lane designated for traffic traveling on 270 that does not want to exit at any of 315, 23, or 71. A single lane that was boxed in with walls on each side would allow those passing through to avoid all three exits?" (9/02/03)
"Has consideration been given to a layer of ramps, especially if land is a problem. Additionally, having traffic lights as traffic emerges off the current ramps adds to the problems. Something has to be done to allow traffic to move away from the ramps on exiting." George Anderson, Columbus (8/29/03)
"Could the on/off ramps at I-270 and Rt. 23 be reconfigured to be like the ones at Sawmill Road and I-270?" Martha Filipic, Columbus (8/21/03)
"The evening rush hour congestion heading 270 East extends to 161 on the east side of the city. It does not simply end at Cleveland Ave as your study suggests. The 4 to 3 lane reduction, combined with congestion at 161, probably backs up all the way to Dublin. You know the traffic completely stops here at this NE curve. In fact, this seems to be the worst spot in the morning also, as the traffic completely stops in all lanes around 8 am, although it does not stop completely anywhere else heading east across the corridor. The fact that 4 lanes goes to 3 lanes between Westerville Rd and 161 is most of the problem. Why not extend the lost lane (just 2 miles!!!) to get past 161." Mike Denburg, Blacklick (8/21/03)
"IR 270 operates well during non-peak periods and periods when it is accident free. Perhaps offering incentives to adjacent businesses that provide flex hours could help the interchanges. In addition, eliminating the weaves at IR 270/US 23/SR 315 and IR 71/IR 270 could increase the capacity of the interchanges and reduce congestion on the facility." (8/21/03)
"I have believed for a long time that all 3 crossover exits (4 if you include SR161) should be changed to ramps that allow the onramp to go over top of the offramp. There is no reason for this traffic to have to merge through each other. If one went over the other one, neither one should have to slow down, especially if the lanes continue and don't have to merge when they reach the exit road. It should be one continuous lane ... By the way, I do really like the new Sawmill Rd exit. It flows very nicely, but won't work well on these other exits." Kevin Hill, Hilliard (8/20/03)
"I feel if you detour semi-trucks to another by-pass of 270, their would like accidents, which about 3/4 years ago there was a planning committee to add another by-pass for semi-trucks only and I think that would eliminate our traffic congestion, that us daily commuters experience everyday." Mary Miller, Columbus (8/20/03)
"I think some sort of express lanes allowing through traffic by the 23/315 interchange would help not only the through traffic congestion but allow users of the exit room to cross lanes. The exit at 23 should be transformed like the Sawmill Interchange" Brian Palmer, Marysville (8/20/03)
"Every evening there are near misses in the weave area between 315 and 23 westbound on 270. I am lucky to not be in the congestion eastbound in the evening. Improvements to the 270/71 interchange and 270/161 (New Albany) interchange would greatly improve flow on the eastbound side of 270 in the evening" Dennis Perkins, Powell (8/20/03)