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US 30 Shield

Beaverdam to Bucyrus
U.S. 30 Project History

The planning to improve U.S. 30 from Beaverdam in Allen County to the Bucyrus bypass in Crawford County began in the early 1960s. Improvements were sought because the route is heavily traveled by commercial trucks, has many dips and curves and allows little room for driver error because of its narrowness. These conditions have resulted in many injuries and fatal accidents.


 Recent Project Sections


The recent upgrade of U.S. 30 from a two-lane to a four-lane, divided highway from Beaverdam in Allen County to the Burycus bypass in Crawford County was divided into three logical sections for construction. Listed below are the beginning and ending points of each section, the length of each section, the status of each section, the priority order in which the sections were constructed and the estimated cost of each. They are listed in the order of construction.

All three sections have been completed.

 Beaverdam to Ohio 235 (Allen and Hancock Counties)

Project length:     7 miles
Status:                Was opened to traffic December, 1999
Priority:              1 of 3
Cost:                  $35 million


Upper Sandusky bypass to the Bucyrus bypass (Wyandot and Crawford Counties)

Project length:    11.1 miles
Status:                Construction began August 2001. 
                            Was opened to traffic December 14, 2004
Priority:               2 of 3
Cost:                    $75 million


 Ohio 235 to the Upper Sandusky bypass (Hancock and Wyandot Counties)

Project length:    26 miles
Status:                Placed out for contractor bid January 14, 2005 Ground breaking held May 13, 2005.
Completion:        Was opened to traffic November 9, 2007. 
Priority:              3 of 3
Cost:                   $98.8 million



 Project Section Maps


 Further Project Background Information


In the 1970s studies were performed by ODOT for U.S. 30 east of Beaverdam to the western end of the Bucyrus bypass. Those studies evaluated route improvement alternatives. The project was suspended in the late 1970s when department funding was depleted.

Planning for improving U.S. 30 from Beaverdam to the Bucyrus bypass resumed in 1990. Final plans for the project were completed in December of 1996 and the project progressed toward a March 1997 sale. But in January 1998, funding shortfalls caused the U.S. 30 project to be dropped from Tier I, a list of projects which have or will receive construction funding, to Tier II, a list which allows projects to continue in their current stage of development but for which no construction funds are provided.

But in July of 1998, ODOT announced that because of internal departmental savings, six additional major/new projects would be funded. Among them was the U.S. 30 project from Beaverdam in Allen County to State Route 235 in Hancock County.

This section of the route was constructed over a two-year period for a total of $35 million. The route opened to traffic in December of 1999.

In the fall of 1998 ODOT spent $11 million to acquire right of way for the remaining sections of U.S. 30, a total 52.4 miles.

It wasn't until October of 2000 that the Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) released funds for construction of the next section of U.S. 30. The TRAC is a council of business leaders from around the state, chaired by the ODOT Director, which designates the funding for all major and new transportation projects.

In July of 2001, the ground breaking for construction of a new, four-lane U.S. 30 between Upper Sandusky in Wyandot County and Bucyrus in Crawford County was held. The 11.1-mile section was constructed over a four-year period. The new route was opened to traffic on December 14, 2004. The cost was $75 million.

The remaining section of U.S. 30 from SR 235 to the Upper Sandusky bypass was awarded construction funding by the TRAC on May 7, 2004. The project was placed out for contractor bid on January 19, 2005. Construction officially began May 13, 2005 when ground was broke for the project. The bid cost for construction was $98.8 million. The new highway from SR 235 to the Upper Sandusky bypass was opened to traffic in November 2007.

Timeline for construction of U.S. 30 from the Indiana line through Van Wert County, to Bucyrus in Crawford County. Sections are listed in the chronological order in which they were constructed:



Begin Construction

End Construction

From U.S. 224 to the east side of Van Wert, Van Wert County Miller Brothers/Harper Supply Not recorded October 31, 1966
From SR 49 to U.S. 224, Van Wert County W. L. Johnson July 8, 1965 November 28, 1967
From the Indiana line to SR 49, Van Wert County Miller Brothers September 16, 1967 August 10, 1969
From the east edge of Delphos to SR-65, Allen County Miller Brothers Not recorded Completed in 1970
From SR-65 to Beaverdam, Allen County Miller Brothers Not recorded Completed in 1971
From the east edge of Van Wert to Middlepoint, Van Wert County Hefner Construction June 15, 1977 September 30, 1979
From Middlepoint to SR 66, Van Wert County Miller Brothers May 25, 1977 August 1, 1979
From SR 66 to the east edge of Delphos, Van Wert and Allen counties S. E. Johnson August 16, 1977 October 31, 1979
Upper Sandusky bypass, Wyandot County W.H. Blausey/C.J. Mahan, joint venture March 2, 1992 June 21, 1994
Beaverdam to SR 235 Miller Brothers December 1997 December 1999
U.S. 23 to Bucyrus bypass, Wyandot and Crawford counties E.S. Wagner/Beaver Contracting-joint venture July 2001 December 2004
SR 235 to the Upper Sandusky bypass E.S. Wagner/ Shelly Co., joint venture May 2005 Opened to traffic November 9, 2007