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Project Development Process - Path 4 Projects

 Path 4 Milestones


​The following items are considered typical milestones for a Path 4 Project (submittals may be combined, removed or added as deemed appropriate by the Project Manager):

Planning (PL)
Project Start-up Meeting
Project Initiation Package
Purpose and Need Submitted
Purpose and Need Approved
Concept, Scope and Budget/Estimates

Preliminary Engineering (PE)
Feasibility Study Submitted
Feasibility Study Approved
Environmental Analysis 
Alternative Evaluation Report Submitted
Alternative Evaluation Report Approved 
Preferred Alternative Approved
Stage 1 Design
Updated Cost Estimates

Environmental Engineering (EE)
Stage 1 Design Approval
Preliminary Right of Way Plans Submitted
Preliminary Right of Way Plans Approved
Stage 2 Plans Submitted 
Stage 2 Plans Approved
Environmental Document Approved
404/401 Permits Submitted to Agencies
Final Right of Way Plans Submitted
Final Right of Way Plans Approved
Updated Cost Estimates

Final Engineering and Right of Way (FE)
Right of Way Acquisition Complete
Stage 3 Plans Submitted 
Stage 3 Plans Approved
Updated Cost Estimates
Final Plan Package to Central Office

Construction (CO)
Award Contract
Begin Construction
End Construction

 Path 4 Tasks

​The below tasks represent typical tasks associated with Path 4 projects.  The Project Manager needs to use their judgment, personal experience, and the experience of various District and Central Office technical specialists to determine which tasks should be included in the project scope. 

The Yes/Likely/Unlikely provides a general guide with respect to projects within Path 4 of the ODOT program.  Additional tasks that are typically not required for a Path 4 project may be needed in unique circumstances.  These tasks should be added to the scope of services when appropriate.  For a list of all typical tasks for ODOT projects, click this link:  All Tasks.

Tasks may be moved to occur earlier or later in the process to accommodate project specific issues.  Tasks or submittals may be combined to accommodate project specific issues.