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ODOT's Project Development Process Manual

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has developed and implemented a Project Development Process (PDP) that includes regular communication among technical disciplines, results in quality plans, and minimizes cost overruns during right-of-way acquisition and project construction. The PDP consists of five phases that projects must advance through prior to construction. These phases are Planning, Preliminary Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Final Engineering, and Construction. Depending on their size, complexity, and/or potential impact to the environment, ODOT transportation projects are categorized as one of five paths (Path 1– 5).

The PDP is a project management and transportation decision-making process that outlines project development from concept through completion. Each PDP activity is timed to facilitate informed decision making based on an appropriate level of project development and risk management. The PDP encourages communication among disciplines, requires documentation of the reasoning behind project related decisions, eliminates duplicated effort among disciplines, and provides for early identification of potential issues. Involvement of all disciplines during the early stages of project development ensures that issues affecting project type, scope, development schedule, and costs can be correctly evaluated and anticipated.


 PDP Manual

Appendix F has been replaced with the "Feasibility Studies and Alternative Evaluation Reports guidance. Visit the Resources page to download the replacement document.




The PDP Manual is a living document. Changes, corrections and revisions are part of the process of maintaining a program that is subject to change. Please look for minor changes to Section 21 of the Planning Phase Chapter, Appendix B and Appendix G. Major changes will be announced and tracked on this site.



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