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Just a test sent from the new TRAC Contact Information page. This should show up in the trac@dot.state.oh.us mailbox.


Just a test sent from the new TRAC Contact Information page. This should show up in the trac@dot.state.oh.us mailbox.

I'm writing to submit a comment on the Draft Major New Program List. However, I'm now recalling that you don't take your own recommendations on which projects are best, like the Cincinnati Streetcar, so why would you listen to my comments?
It appears that the Chesapeake Bypass project (75923) has been reduced to a Tier 3 project from a Tier 1 project.  This, after a year of being contacted by lawyers wishing to represent us regarding the buyout of our home. We were also told by a representative from ODOT District 9 that we are on a list of homes to be purchased - it wasn't a question of "if", it was "when".  Can someone please inform me as to the status of this project so that I can know whether or not to improve upon my home or not?  We are tired of waiting for answers that never come.
The Butler County TID is considering applying to TRAC for funding for one or perhaps two major projects.  Has a schedule been established for submission of new projects to the TRAC Board in 2013?
Good day,
I would like to comment on the 2015-2018 TRAC funding. In Central Ohio, there are many projects that are requesting funding. However, few projects are more important that the rebuilding of the I-70/I-71/SR-315 interchange near Downtown Columbus. This is a critical part of our regional infrastructure, and it sees crashes and delays far too frequently. I urge the TRAC to approve funding for rebuilding this interchange. Thank you for your time.
I am appalled that this waste of public dollars and fraud known as the "Opportunity Corridor" has been allowed to mushroom to such deceit. As a taxpayer- I oppose this project and ask the state to consider sustainable transportation alternatives.
I was wondering if there could be a review of the traffic flow during rush hour at the White Pond/Mull Avenue north exit and south entrance.  It is dangerously congested at those times.  Sometimes, at the exit ramp from northbound I-77 the traffic is actually backed up on the expressway.  Would changing the timing on the lights make a difference in the flow?  Thanks.  I'm not really a fan of being a traffic statistic and I am concerned for others as well.
Absolutely disgusted that you've put the Chesapeake Bypass on the back burner AGAIN.  I'm on the list of people to be bought out, and I live day to day not knowing whether or not to invest in updates to my home.  I'm tired of getting the runaround, and more importantly, i'm tired of Southern Ohio constantly getting the shaft on any roads, but especially a road that is desperately needed to promote commerce in our area.  Either cancel the project all together or build it.  It's as simple as that.  Stop leaving us in limbo!

Mandy J. Hill, CPA
After discussions within our local union, which depends on the type of work to be provided, please approve Governor Kasich's "Jobs and Transportation Plan".
When is anything going to happen with Rt. 30 from East Canton east to Rt.11 or Rt.172 both roads have a vast number of truck traffic added with the new shale project?
I hope I have the correct department, if not please fwd this to the correct one. I would like to report illegal use of property access off of a major Ohio Rt. It is located just east of Best Rd on Rt 40 west bound. The persons accessing the property has been turned down by the state for accessing the property because he has access from his own property and could build a road. He has started using access from Rt. 40 after being turned down. The violater is Kenny Parrish. Thank you
1.  Please send me the final scoring of the TRAC applications for the 2013 round and the detail for the South Hamilton Crossing project.

2.  Any idea what the TRAC application schedule will be for 2014?  I anticipate  environmental clearance in November and right of way acquisition to proceed early in 2014.
Who would I need to speak with to introduce green technology that will save money on servicing the vehicles used within ODOT? We have testimonials from Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). Our company name is Filtroil. I can send more information upon request. I look forward to your response.


Sean Anthony
Do you have any information on when new construction applications will be accepted for 2014 TRAC?  Thank you!
There are a couple of people in our office that would like to watch the webcast on April 9th at 10:00 but unfortunately they will be in DC.  Can they watch this upon their return?

Thank you
looking for a statewide listing of bridge replacements proposed within the TRAC program. District 1 has projects broken out, can't find it elsewhere.
Thank You
I would like to know the average number of cars that travel I-75 between the 275 split and  Tylerville road daily.
Question - I am looking for information on the following - typical local arterial or secondary urban/rural roadway improvement project types (e.g. extending or adding turn lanes, intersection improvements) I am looking to develop a list of typical local (LPA) project types for a research project. Any information would be a great help.
When you say Cherry Valley road will be closed, I know that means you won't be able to cross SR16, but what about the current eastbound right turn lane to Cherry Valley to go South and the current westbound right turn lane to Cherry Valley to go North?  Will they also be eliminated? I see where you didn't eliminate the eastbound right turn lane to River Road when you closed that intersection.  Just wondering exactly what "Closed" really meant.
If the decision to change the roundabouts to intersections is still the case, can someone let me know why the change was made. It seems strange that the personal preference, if that is the case, of a handful of vocal stakeholders can override a better design. In addition, why was the westbound exit ramp to Granville Road left open? The reasons ODOT gave for closing it seemed very sound and logical (and safety-based). Closing it would have helped with the safety issue of pedestrians and bicyclists on Granville Road between Howell Road and the end of the bike path.
I would like to know the schedule of public meetings for 2015. The TRAC website has not been updated.


Tom Zeigler
Thank you for the funding for the I-70/National 40/State Route 331 project.  Please consider a "Gateway Landscape Grant" for the completion of this project.  We are already on file for this request.  Thank you for preserving our history while benefiting our future.


Reverend Kimberly A. Snyder, D. D.
Chairperson 331 Appalachian Pike
A group of community volunteers, Uniontown SR 331 AP
South Hamilton Crossing project is long overdue in the City of Hamilton. It will alleviate congestion on High St. - currently the only east/west grade separated crossing in Hamilton - and will eliminate a very dangerous crossing for motorists at the proposed project site. The project is also absolutely necessary in order for Hamilton to continue to attract businesses to the area. It will benefit the Hamilton economy, Butler County, and the entire Greater Cincinnati area. South Hamilton Crossing project will also mean great things in the future for Miami University Hamilton. This project has been 100 years in the making and it finally has the local and regional support it needs to be completed. This project is a must!
esparks1@cinci.rr.com 513-404-1271
I feel building the under/overpass at the South Hamilton crossing will continue this community in the right direction.  It will promote new business / building in the area.  This city is going places Please don't derail this effort.
I am very much in favor of the South Hamilton Crossing Project. I live in Fairfield and own a business in Hamilton. I travel rt#127 every day both ways at least twice a day. The crossing as it is now is dangerous for many reasons. It's lanes are too narrow for one. Train traffic has grown quite rappidly in the past several years because of higher fuel costs. Accidents at other close by crossings have increased because drivers rush to other streets trying to beat the next train. Worst is when drivers are headed north from either street of the Y. Too many cars switching lanes in too short space before the next traffic light.
Hamilton, Ohio really, really needs the South Hamilton Crossing. Please, please, please! Thank you.
The proposed railroad crossing in Hamilton will be such an improvement to our city...crossing from the southwest corner of Hamilton(where I live) to the southeast area for shopping often includes down time to watch the trains.
Please consider funding this project for our city of Hamilton, Ohio
Respectfully submitted, Regina Townsend
thank you so much ! The over-pass and modernizing of that intersection is so needed.  :)
Hamilton is cut in half by railroad tracks, with only one underpass. This project is critical not only economically, but safety wise.
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