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Estimated Jobs Created



Leveraging transportation modeling and forecasting capabilities produced by ODOT's Statewide Transportation Model, ODOT will estimate the number of jobs being created by the project over a 20 year horizon, consistent with the traditional design life of a project.  The estimated number of jobs created will be divided by the total project cost to establish a ratio of estimated jobs created per million dollars of projects cost. 

The estimated jobs created are derived from the modeled transportation efficiencies attributed to the project and do no consider any local development influence, such as, locating new business within the project area.  Supplemental information regarding local development influence can be provided to TRAC for review and consideration but will not be used as the basis for scoring projects under this category.

Range​ ​ Points​
0​ 0.20 0.5
0.21​ 0.40 1​
0.41 0.60 1.5
0.61 0.80 2
0.81 1.0 2.5​
1.01+​ ​ 3