New ODOT App launched in time for July 4th holiday

Record traffic volumes expected this weekend

COLUMBUS (Thursday, June 30, 2016)Traffic will be heavy this weekend due to a record number of 4th of July travelers, but the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) will be working hard to help you get where you need to go as quickly and safely as possible.
AAA predicts 1.8 million Ohioans will travel this 4th of July weekend. This marks the highest 4th of July travel volume on record, and is an increase of 2.3 percent in Ohio from last year.


The Ohgo App is Here!Motorists can avoid traffic tie-ups during the holiday by using ODOT’s new mobile app – OHGO - for personal traffic alerts, information on road construction and travel delays, and hands-free voice on the go. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play.
Halfway through 2016, the number of fatalities in Ohio is down 2 percent from this time last year. Of the 452 fatalities, 129 have been alcohol related.
Unfortunately, the July 4th holiday has one of the highest rates of drunk driving crashes each year. When celebrating, ODOT reminds you to do it responsibly.
As a reminder of the deadly cost of drunk driving, motorists will see “Freedom Doesn’t Include Driving Drunk” messages on signs over freeways this weekend.
While work is suspended over the holiday weekend, work will resume on July 5th with a number of NEW projects in eastern Ohio. Below are some of the state’s highway projects that could impact your travel:
Interstate 270 (North Side), Franklin County
The speed limit on I-270 is reduced to 55 mph between U.S. 23 and SR 315 in the North Side MEGA Fix work zone. Drivers should slow down and avoid distractions.
Interstate 70 (West Side), Franklin County
Two lanes of I-70 are maintained in each direction between Hilliard-Rome Rd. and I-270. The speed limit is reduced to 55 mph in the work zone.
Interstate 71 (South Side), Franklin County
Two lanes of I-71 are maintained in each direction between SR 665 and Stringtown Rd.
State Route 60, Coshocton County
Starting July 5th, one lane of SR 60 will be closed.  Crews will work just north of CR 3 approximately 5 miles south of Warsaw to install a culvert liner.  Traffic will be maintained with a temporary signal from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The project is expected to be completed Thursday, July 7th.
State Route 668, Perry County
*NEW* Starting July 5th, SR 668 will close between SR 37 and SR 93 for vegetation management.  The road will close each day from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The project is expected to be completed Friday, July 8th. Detour: SR 93 to SR 312 to SR 664 
Interstate 70, Muskingum County
Starting Tuesday, June 28th crews will work on I-70 performing bridge deck repairs.  Crews will work around the clock from the 28th to the 29th.  The westbound right lane of I-70 will be closed along with the westbound on-ramp to I-70 in Zanesville. Drivers will need to utilize Airport Rd entrance ramp to 160. 
Interstate 70, Guernsey County
Ongoing work on I-70 and SR 265 has a traffic shift on I-70.  The traffic pattern splits the two lanes of westbound traffic, crossing the passing lane over to the eastbound side of the median, while keeping the westbound driving lane on the westbound side of the median.  
Interstate 70, Belmont County
I-70 twin bridge replacements on Lady Bend Hill near U.S. 40 (Exit 204) between Morristown and Barnesville. Two lanes of traffic is maintained in each direction.
Interstate 70, Belmont County
I-70 upgrade (4 ½ miles) from almost a mile west of Mall Rd. to nearly four miles east of Mall Rd. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction.
State Route 151, Harrison County
SR 151 is closed between Scio and Jewett for concrete paving work. Traffic is detoured.
State Route 7, Jefferson County
SR 7 is reduced to one lane between Brilliant and Rush Run for landslide repairs. 
U.S. Route 36, Tuscarawas County
U.S. 36 is closed at Gnadenhutten for a bridge replacement over the Tuscarawas River just east of SR 416. Traffic is detoured.
Interstate 75, Montgomery County
I-75 from Third St. to Main St. is under construction due to the modernization of the interstate through the city of Dayton. Two lanes of traffic will remain open to northbound motorists. Three lanes will be open to southbound motorists. Motorists need to stay alert, as traffic patterns are currently not in their traditional places at this location.  
Interstate 70, Montgomery County
I-70 between Airport Access Rd. and SR 48 is under construction. Two lanes of traffic will remain open to motorists in each direction. Motorist should remain alert as there is a lot of work being done in this area.
Interstate 75, Miami County
I-75 near CR 25A in Troy will have 24 hour lane width restrictions. Drivers should stay alert as traffic is not in its traditional pattern in this location. Two lanes will remain open in each direction with one northbound lane shifted to the southbound side, one northbound lane operating on the northbound side and two southbound lanes open on the southbound side. 
U.S. Route 250, Erie County
U.S. 250 corridor improvement project, between Bogart Rd. and Sycamore Line Rd., will have no lane closures. However, Bogart Rd. (west of U.S. 250) westbound is closed and Hull Rd. is closed. Detours are posted.
State Route 2, Lorain County
SR 2, between the Ohio Turnpike/Interstate 90 split and Middle Ridge Rd., is reduced to narrowed lanes of traffic for a major bridge rehabilitation project in a contraflow traffic pattern. Motorists are encouraged to use extreme caution while navigating this work zone and watch for slower moving traffic as it merges in to an open lane.
Interstate 76/State Route 94, Medina County
I-76, at its interchange with SR 94, currently has the inside and outside shoulders closed. SR 94 (High St.) in the city of Wadsworth is reduced to one lane of thru traffic and one left turn lane in each direction.
Interstate 90 George V. Voinovich Bridge, Cuyahoga County
All I-90 traffic is now traveling on the first of two, new bridges to replace the 1959 Innerbelt Bridge in downtown Cleveland.  Interstate 90 remains open; however, multiple ramps – including the Ontario St. exit ramp from I-90 east – along the downtown corridor are closed or restricted.  Visit for more information.
U.S. Route 6/State Route 2 Lakefront West, Cuyahoga County
The right lane on the inbound (eastbound) West Shoreway from about Edgewater/West 73rd St. to West 45th St. is closed and the speed limit in both directions is permanently reduced to 35 mph. Visit for more information.
Interstate 271, Summit County
Motorists traveling on I-271 northbound from just north of the Medina County line to the Ohio Turnpike should be aware of a bi-directional traffic pattern. Although two lanes of traffic are maintained in each direction on I-271 southbound, traffic is now split, with one lane of southbound traffic crossed over onto I-271 northbound, while the second lane remains on I-271 southbound side.
Interstate 80, Mahoning & Trumbull County
·         The ramp from SR 11 northbound to I-80 westbound is closed though early August for bridge construction. The detour is Mahoning Ave. to SR 46 north to I-80 westbound.
·         The entrance ramp from Salt Springs Rd. to I-80 eastbound is closed through early July for roadway construction. The detour is I-80 westbound to SR 46 to I-80 eastbound.
Interstate 90, Ashtabula County
The following lane restrictions and ramp closures are currently in place along I-90 and SR 11:
·         Traffic on I-90 eastbound between Chapel Rd. and State Rd. is shifted over to the westbound lanes via a crossover condition. Two lanes of traffic are maintained in each direction with all traffic placed on the I-90 westbound lanes.
·         SR 11 northbound and southbound over I-90 is reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction, with all traffic traveling on the northbound lanes of SR 11.
  • The ramp from I-90 westbound to SR 11 southbound is closed through mid-October. The detour is SR 11 northbound to Seven Hills Rd. to SR 11 southbound.
  • The ramp from SR 11 northbound to I-90 eastbound is closed through early August. The detour is SR 167 east to SR 193 north to I-90 eastbound.
  • The ramp from I-90 eastbound to SR 11 northbound is closed through early October. The detour is SR 45 north to US 20 east to SR 11 north.
  • The ramp from I-90 eastbound to SR 11 southbound is closed through early October. The detour is SR 45 south to SR 307 east to SR 167 to SR 11 south.
  • The ramp from SR 11 southbound to I-90 eastbound is closed through early October. The detour is US 20 eastbound to SR 193 south to I-90 eastbound.
Interstate 75, Wood County
Widen I-75 to three lanes in both directions from Perrysburg to Findlay.  The ramp from northbound I-75 to westbound I-475 and the ramp from eastbound I-475 to northbound I-75 are closed through September.  Detours are posted.  11-foot lane width restrictions and reduced speed limits are in place in the work zone. 
Interstate 75, Lucas County
I-75, from the Anthony Wayne Trail to the I-75/280 interchange in Toledo, is reduced to two lanes. Two lanes of northbound I-75 traffic is now rerouted onto southbound I-280 to Central Avenue to northbound I-280.  11-foot lane width restrictions and reduced speed limits are in place in the work zone.  Various exit and entrance ramp closures are in place.  Detours are posted. 
U.S. Route 20 (Central Avenue), Lucas County                                   
Central Ave. from Reynolds Rd. to McCord Rd. is reduced to one lane for bridge and pavement work.  Ramps at the interchange of I-475 and Central Ave. are open. 
Interstate 75, Allen County
Traffic on I-75 north and south of the SR 65 interchange area, Lima, is traveling in a contraflow pattern where two southbound lanes and one northbound lane of traffic are traveling on the southbound side of the interstate, and one northbound lane is traveling on the northbound side of the interstate. Traffic will remain in this pattern until late summer during reconstruction of the interstate.
State Route 309 (Harding Highway), Allen County
SR 309 from Bowman Rd., Lima, to SR 235, Ada, closed June 6 for approximately 70 days for culvert replacements at several locations. Access to area residences is maintained. Through traffic is detoured onto SR 235, SR 81 and I-75 back to SR 309. Work is being performed by R.D. Jones Excavating, Harrod. The entire length of roadway is closed to through traffic. Those not residing within or traveling to a business within the project area will be subject to fines by law enforcement.
U.S. Route 127, Van Wert County
U.S. 127 (Washington St.) between Fox Rd. and Ervin Rd. in the city of Van Wert closed April 11 for reconstruction and widening of the road. Access to local businesses is maintained. Traffic is detoured onto SR 81, SR 118, Ervin Rd./Van Wert-Decatur Rd., U.S. 224 and U.S. 30 back to U.S. 127.
State Route 104, Pike County
SR 104 is closed at Lake White between SR. 552 and TR. 420 (Boswell Run Rd.) as part of the Lake White Dam rehabilitation and bridge replacement project. In addition, SR 551 is closed between its junction with SR 104 and CR 93 (Bricker Rd.), near the park office. Both closures will be in effect through early November, and while these routes are closed, through traffic will be detoured by way of U.S. 23 and SR 32. Local traffic to the Lake White region will be detoured via SR 552 and SR 220.  Roadway construction is anticipated to be completed in late fall 2016, and the lake is expected to be restored for the fishing and boating season in 2017.
State Route 104, Pickaway County
S.R. 104 is closed between TR 101 (Hickory Bend Rd.) and TR 103 (Sisk Rd.), approximately three miles north of the Ross County line, for a bridge replacement project. While it is closed, motorists will be detoured via U.S. 22, U.S. 23 and SR 207; a local detour will also be established. The entire project is scheduled to be completed in late summer.
Ironton-Russell Bridge Replacement, Greenup County, Kentucky
As part of the Ironton-Russell Bridge Replacement project, KY 244 (Bellefonte St.) is reduced to one lane at the U.S. 23 viaduct in Kentucky. Additional restrictions and traffic pattern changes are also in effect on U.S. 23 adjacent to the approach for the new structure. The restrictions are in effect through August, and motorists may encounter temporary periods of delay in the work zone.
Interstate 77, Washington County
Interstate 77 is reduced to one lane near the Washington/Noble County line for a bridge deck replacement project. Traffic is maintained by concrete barrier. There is a 12-foot width restriction.
State Route 7, Monroe County
SR 7, located just north of SR 255, is reduced to one lane for a bridge replacement project. Traffic is reduced to one lane and is maintained by concrete barrier.
Interstate 75, Hamilton County
The ramp from eastbound I-74 to Central Pkwy. is permanently closed, with traffic detoured to Hopple St.. Near the Western Hills Viaduct, four lanes of northbound I-75 are maintained by a combination crossover/contraflow where three lanes serve I-75 and I-74 on the southbound (west side) pavement. One lane services I-74/Hopple St. on the northbound (east side) pavement. South of Monmouth St., the three crossed-over lanes split around the Monmouth pier, with one lane on the west side of the road and three lanes on the east side. South of I-74, all lanes rejoin. This pattern will remain in place for four months.
Cornell Road over Interstate 71, Hamilton County
In the cities of Blue Ash and Montgomery, Cornell Rd. Bridge over I-71 closed with the detour using Deerfield Rd., East Kemper Rd. and Snider Rd.
U.S. Route 27, Butler County
Culvert replacement on U.S. 27 over tributary to Four Mile Creek, north of Stillwell Beckett Rd., between Stillwell-Beckett and Stephenson roads. U.S. 27 will be closed on June 21 until approximately July 5. The posted detour uses SR 130 and SR 177 and SR 73.
State Route 222, Clermont County
SR 222 is closed for slide repair on the west side of SR 222 just north of U.S. 52 at the 0.8 mile marker. The detour will use SR 222, SR 133, and SR 52.

For more information, contact: Matt Bruning, ODOT Press Secretary, at 614-466-6906,  or your local ODOT district communications office