Introduction to Construction Inspection

This manual provides construction personnel with information to perform accurate inspections and documentation of the construction work items.† It is the duty of ODOT Project Engineers and Inspectors to become familiar with the contents of this manual.

Included in this manual is background information for the specific items of work.† This background information will help construction personnel understand various field problems and associated solutions.† Examples, problems and figures are provided as guidance throughout this manual.

This manual should not be considered a complete textbook detailing all aspects of construction.† In order to completely take advantage of the information in this manual, project personnel should be familiar with the Construction and Materials Specifications, Standard Drawings, and other contract documents.

Unless specifically referenced in the contract, this manual is not a part of the contract with the Contractor.† The information contained in the manual does not replace, supersede or modify any specification, plan or proposal provisions of the contract.

As the representatives of the Department, ODOT Inspectors and Engineers observe the Contractorsí work to ensure compliance with the specifications.† As ODOT inspects the work, Inspectors and Engineers document progress and communicate with the Contractor daily about the quality and compliance of the work.

When an item of fails to perform, many times the Department suffers significant financial losses due one of the following:

         The instructions to the Contractor were in error or did not occur,

         The Department testing was performed incorrectly,

         Inspection forms or details are incomplete, or conflicting,

         No inspection occurred during the construction of the item.

All of the above reasons are arguments that could be brought up during a claim.† Valid or not, these are reasons that will be debated when responsibility is discussed.†

Our goal is to minimize the Department responsibility in claim situations and maximize the quality of the work performed.† The Department needs to correctly monitor and document in the project diary the construction activities to ensure the contract intent is carried through during the construction.††

Correct and accurate inspections are critical tools to ensure the quality of the work.† Therefore, this entire manual is dedicated to documenting the correct, accurate and thorough inspections of the work.