209 Linear Grading

Because of the simplicity this item of work, no detailed explanation of the item is required in this manual.

Documentation Requirements- 209 Linear Grading

1.        Verify plan dimensions.

2.        Verify materials.

3.        State method of excavation (grader, milling machine, etc.)

4.        Statement as to how excavated material is disposed

5.        Construct the embankment and subgrade.

6.        Areas graded too much must be filled with material used for reconditioning shoulders (C&MS 617) at the Contractor’s expense.

7.        Measure and pay per 209.08.

8.        Check completed work.

9.        Measure borrow, if required.  Document on CA-EW-1.

10.     Measure pay according to 209.08 and 209.09.

11.     Document on CA-D-2 and CA-EW-12.  Do not duplicate the information on these forms unless necessary