409 Sawing and Sealing Asphalt Concrete Pavement Joints

Materials (409.02)

Construction Details (409.03)

Documentation Requirements – 409 Sawing and Sealing Asphalt Concrete Pavement Joints


Materials (409.02)

Be sure approved materials are used per 409.02 requirements.  These include joint sealant and backer rod.


Construction Details (409.03)

Check that the following operations are proceeding properly per 409.03:

1.        Saw cut the intermediate course if the surface course is not placed within 5 days.  Saw cut is 1/8 inch wide by ¼ the depth of the intermediate course over contractor joints.  At expansion joints the saw cut is ½ inch wide by ¼ the depth of the intermediate course.

2.        Saw cut the surface course no later than 48 hours after paving.

3.        Accurately locate saw cuts over joints with pins or stakes before paving  The Engineer shall approve the method of joint marking before any resurfacing operations begins.

4.        Final saw cuts shall be 2 inches deep with a sealant reservoir that is 3/8 inch wide by 3/4 inch and is recessed 1/8 below the surface.

5.        Dry cut joints shall be cleaned using compressed air using an air compressor with a minimum rated capacity of 100 psi.  Wet cut joints require water blast cleaning followed by drying with a propane torch or lance unit (409.03 has details on lance unit requirements).

6.        The saw cut shall extend over the full pavement width including paved shoulders.

7.        The joint is to be kept clean until sealing and traffic is not permitted to damage the joint before sealing.  Damaged saw cuts must be repaired prior to sealing

8.        The sealer is to be heated per the manufacturer’s directions. 

9.        The first gallon of material that flows out of the applicator wand at the start of the day is to be discarded and not used.

Prior to sealing a backer rod must be placed in the clean joint and the liquid sealant immediately placed in the joint using a nozzle that is inserted into the joint and reservoir completing filling the joint.  The sealant level after cooling should be not more than 1/8 inch below the pavement surface.


Documentation requirements - 409 Sawing and Sealing Asphalt Pavement Joints

1.        Document when the saw cuts are made with respect to paving

2.        Review, approve, and document method for locating joints

3.        Measure and document depth and width of saw cuts. Document joint cleaning methods, placement of backer rod, and installation of sealant.

4.        Document measurements on CA-D-2 or other approved form(s)