411 Stabilized Crushed Aggregate

Because of the simplicity this item of work, no detailed explanation of the item is required in this manual.


Documentation Requirements - 411 Stabilized Crushed Aggregate

1.        Materials.

2.        Document location of where material was placed and lift thickness.

3.        Roller weights.

4.        Lift thickness.

5.        Roller passes.

6.        Use a rubber tire roller for the final compaction.

7.        Perform the compaction tests according to S-1015.

8.        Weigh tickets should be totaled with an initialed and dated tape attached.  Convert to cubic yards as per 411.04 of the C&MS. 

9.        Pay and measure according to 411.04 and 411.05

10.     Document on CA-D-1 and CA-EW-12.  Do not duplicate the information on these forms unless necessary.