517 Railings

Steel and Iron Railings (517.05)

Documentation Requirements 517 Railings


The anchor bolts should be cast into the structure versus drilled and grouted into place after concrete placement. This will alleviate drilling into the epoxy coated reinforcing steel. Hold anchor bolts in place with the use of a template. When the anchors are cast into the concrete the threads should be protected from getting filled with concrete paste.

Failure to release falsework prior to installing railings could cause the railings to deform as the structure experiences the additional dead load deflections associated with the falsework release.

Any preformed PVC fillers or paint coatings used should be listed on the Qualified Product Lists (QPL) for items 711.28 and 708 respectively.


Steel and Iron Railings (517.05)

If field welding is required on galvanized members, repairs should be made similar to CMS 516.03. Cold Galv or Spray Galv should not be used.


Documentation Requirements - 517 Railings

1.        Railing

a.        Shop Drawings per CMS 501.04

b.        Test Reports per CMS 501.06

c.        Measure and record length of railing per CMS 517.07

d.        Ensure the fabricator has the required SF prequalification

2.        Deep Beam railing

a.        When forming for deck, check bolt layout

b.        Check height

c.        Measure per 517.07