610 Cellular Retaining Walls

Documentation Requirements – 610 Cellular Retaining Walls


This specification covers to general types of retaining walls.  The first are walls made up of layered and tiered precast reinforced blocks.  The second are constructed with metal columns and front and rear metal filler panels.  Both of these wall types are specialized and require Director’s approval.  Acceptable Manufacturers are sometimes indicated in the plan notes. 


Documentation Requirements - 610 Cellular Retaining Walls

1.        Director’s approval is required

2.        Manufacturer’s wall type must be in successful commercial use for a period of at least 3 years

3.        For galvanized metal walls the Contractor must furnish 3 copies of the Manufacturer’s “Analysis and Coating Test Certificate”.

4.        State type  size, and quantity of units

5.        Precast concrete units, must be produced by a certified precast concrete producer and shipped with a TE-24.

6.        Type of backfill used and how compacted.

7.        Measure and pay as per 610.08 and 610.09 of the CMS