638 Water Mains and Service Branches


Documentation Requirements - 638 Water Mains and Service Branches

1.        State that materials conform to 638.02

2.        Document clearance between pipe and walls of trench - 6 inches (15 cm) minimum, 12 inches (30 cm) maximum. Ensure proper clearance between water line and any utility crossing or underground structure

3.        Grade shaped to receive bell

4.        Type of sheeting and bracing used to support and protect adjacent utilities

5.        Type and thickness of bedding

6.        State that trench was kept free from water

7.        State that pipe was carefully handled

8.        Tracer tape installed 1 foot (.3 m) above top of pipe extending full length

9.        Joints installed according to manufacturer’s recommendation

10.     Perform and document backfill as per 603 type B and C conduits

11.     Document hydrostatic testing and disinfection as per 638.09 and 638.10

12.     Measure as per 638.19 and 638.20