643 Polyester Pavement Marking

1.        Material Type, 740.03

2.        Glass beads, 740.09 Type B

3.        Application of Polyester, Item 643

a.        Polyester shall be applied when the pavement and air temperature are 50° F (10° C) and above.

b.        Polyester shall be applied in 2 components (catalyst and resin) in proportions as recommended by the manufacturer.

c.        Glass beads 740.09 Type B shall be applied at the rate of  16.5 pounds  per 100 square feet (8kg per 10 square meters) of paint used.

d.        Polyester shall be applied at the rate of 16 gallons per mile (37 liter per km) of 4 inch (­100 mm) line and/or at 1 gallon per  0.94 square feet (0.38 liter per square meter)

e.        Striping equipment speed shall be not less than 7 miles per hour (11 km/hr).

f.         Dry time is 45 minutes and less.

                                                               i.      Coning is required to protect the line until track free.

                                                              ii.      If tracking continues after 45 minutes cease marking operation until tracking problem is corrected.


Documentation Requirements - 643 Polyester Pavement Marking

1.        General requirements per 641

2.        Material as per 740.03 and 740.09, SS 1047 and SS 1089

3.        Temperature above 50° F (10° C)

4.        Location and/or stationing where work performed

5.        Measure in appropriate unit and turn in for pay

6.        Use form CA-D-3A to document information