646 Epoxy Pavement Marking

1.        Material Type, 740.07

2.        Glass beads, 740.09 Type D

3.        Application of Epoxy Pavement Marking, Item 646

a.        Epoxy shall be applied at a surface temperature of 50° F (10° C) and above.

b.        Epoxy shall be applied in components, Part A and Part B, in proportions recommended by the manufacturer.

c.        Cleaning and surface preparation shall be done according to Item 646.04 for different pavement types and manufacturer’s recommendations.

d.        Glass beads 740.09 Type D shall be apply at the rate of 31 pounds per 100 square feet (15 kg per 10 square meter).

                                                               i.      Glass beads shall be applied in a double-drop system with Size I, large gradation, first and Size II, regular graduation second in equal amounts by weight in the same pass.

e.        Epoxy shall be applied at the rate of 22 gallons per mile (50 liter per km)  of 4 inch (100 mm) line and / or at 1 gallon per 80 square feet (0.51liter per square meter).


Documentation Requirements - 646 Epoxy Pavement Marking

1.        Same as 644

2.        Materials as per 740.07, and 740.09

3.        Use form CA-D-3A to document information