410 Traffic Compacted Surface

Because of the simplicity this item of work, no detailed explanation of the item is required in this manual.


Documentation Requirements - 410 Traffic Compacted Surface

1.      Materials.

2.      Subgrade condition.

3.      Document location where material was used on the ticket.

4.      State if all load was used, if not, be sure to get a weigh back.

5.      Blading operation.

6.      Maintenance.

7.      Weigh tickets should be totaled with an initialed and dated tape attached. Convert to cubic yards as per 410.06 of the C&MS.

8.      Pay and measure according to 410.06 and 410.07.

9.      Document on CA-D-1 and CA-EW-12.  Do not duplicate the information on these forms unless necessary.