504 Sheet Piling Left in Place

Materials (504.02)

Material for sheet piling must conform to 711.03, which refers to ASTM A328.  Sheet piling that conforms to ASTM A328 is acceptable.  Used sheet piling may be used if it meets the project requirements and is approved by the Engineer.

The Contract Documents will specify the minimum section modulus in cubic inches per foot of wall length.  Any hot rolled or cold rolled sheet piling which meets or exceeds this requirement is acceptable.


Driving (504.03)

Steel sheet piling is not driven based on any driving criteria, but is driven based on a specified tip elevation.

Steel sheet piling will normally be driven with a vibratory hammer suspended by a crane or an excavator mounted sheet driver.  In difficult driving conditions, diesel impact hammers can be used, but it is more likely that the top of the sheets will crush.

Sheet piling is always interlocked with the adjacent sheets.  The manufacturer will fabricate a special shape if sharp corners or junctions are required in the wall.


Documentation Requirements - 504 Sheet Piling Left in Place

1.      Document sheet piling section modulus.

2.      Measure area for payment.