522 Structural Plate Corrugated Metal Structures on Footings


Description (522.01)

This work consists of the sectional corrugated metal arch described in 522.Excavation and concrete for structures are covered in 503 and 511.


Quality Control

The quality of galvanizing should be examined.Some added thickness occurs at the bolt holes and may appear to be stripping when the bolts are installed.Peeling, which is evidence of separation of galvanizing around bolts or near the edges of the plates, when pried with a knife or impacted with a hammer, is cause for rejection.

Corrugated metal arch structure plates, high strength bolts, ribs, and anchor angles should only be accepted from certified suppliers listed on the Office of Materials Managementís website.The shipments should be accompanied by a certification document (TE-24).



Certified suppliers must provide assembly and installation procedures with the shipment.Shipments that do not include the assembly and installation procedures should not be accepted.

Documentation Requirements - 522 Structural Plate Corrugated Metal Structures on Footings

1.      Be sure bearing angle or channel is at proper alignment and grade.

2.      Bolts with required nuts and washers placed.

3.      Backfill per 611.06.

4.      Measure length for pay.