613 Low Strength Mortar Backfill

Documentation Requirements - 613 Low Strength Mortar Backfill

This section recommends minimum documentation and critical inspection requirements for Item 613.  The following documentation requirements must be recorded in the appropriate sections of the CA-P-1 Pipe Construction Form and in the project daily reports.  Specifications or other requirements waived by the Project Engineer shall be noted in the daily diaries.

1.      Record on the CA-P-1 form how the pipe was anchored to prevent it from floating in the trench.

2.      Record how the LSM was brought up in the trench. Indicate if the LSM was brought up on both sides of the pipe evenly.

3.      Indicate if forms or embankment was placed at ends of pipe to prevent the LSM from flowing into the ditch.

4.      Record if the LSM was brought up to grade line as specified in plans.

5.      A comparison needs to be made between the quantity installed and the quantity computed from the plans (take-off quantity).  Record both the installed and take-off quantity on the CA-P-1 form. Measure and pay the computed amount of cubic yards (cubic meters) unless it is determined by the Engineer that the amount used is reasonable for pay. Documentation of the take-off and installed quantities is an important part of the record, particularly when paying less than the quantity delivered.