616 Dust Control

Ohio Administrative Code references, as seen in Section 107.19, address the regulatory requirements of controls required to address the discharge of fugitive dust during construction.  These Administrative Code sections are summarized in an Ohio EPA guidance document entitled, “Engineering Guide # 57.”       http://www.epa.state.oh.us/portals/27/engineer/eguides/guide57.pdf


The guide describes, in a straightforward nature, Reasonably Available Control Methods (RACM) are required to comply with the law.


Documentation Requirements - 616 Dust Control

The minimum documentation and critical inspection requirements for Item 616 include recording the following inspection points in the project daily reports.  Specifications or other requirements waived by the Project Engineer should be noted in the daily reports.

1.      Measure or weigh water truck capacity to determine the water volume per load. 

2.      The units of measurement can be converted using the following conversions: 1 ft3 = 7.48 gal.; 1 lb. water = 0.12 gal.

3.      Record the bag count or weigh bills for calcium chloride when used.