620 Delineators


This information is intended to serve as a guide for construction personnel where the Contractor furnishes and installs delineators.  However, it may be useful for maintenance personnel performing the same functions.  Inspection procedures are outlined.  This information points out the various important features and references the applicable specification or standard drawing.


Materials (620.02)

Make sure that all delineator materials used on a project are approved and listed on the Qualified Product List at the following website:

Item 720.01 Rectangular Reflectors


Item 720.03 Flexible Posts



Layout (620.03)


Figure 620.A – Delineator Lateral Placement, SCD TC 61.10

The top of the delineator post shall be 48 inches above the edge of the pavement.

The delineator post shall be placed 12 feet and 6 inches outside the outer edge of the pavement or the delineator post shall be placed 2 feet and 6 inches outside the outer edge of the shoulder.

Placement of delineator on curves and tangent sections.

Delineators shall be spaced 400 feet apart on the tangent sections.

Delineators on the horizontal curves shall be spaced according to the table in the SCD TC-61.10.

Delineators should be provided on the outside of horizontal curves on interchange ramps.

The color of the delineator reflector and flexible post shall conform to the color of the pavement markings nearest the delineator.


Figure 620.B – Spacing for Delineators, SCD TC 61.10



Figure 620.C – Delineator Placement on Ramps, SCD TC 61.10


Installation (620.05)

Delineators shall be installed facing traffic, except for red reflectors facing wrong-way traffic, if used.

Protective paper covering the face of flexible post-mounted reflectors shall not be removed until after installation.

Ensure that delineator posts are no more than 1:50 out of plumb. If soil conditions may cause the post to be out of plumb, the Contractor may drive a pilot shaft before installation.

Install the flexible posts using methods and equipment that conforms to the post manufacturer’s recommendations.


Documentation Requirements - 620 Delineators

1.      Document depth that post was placed on CA-D-3A.

2.      Document type of post and reflector on CA-D-3A.

3.      Total of each color and location where they were placed on CA-D-3A.

4.      Turn in total of all colors for pay on CA-D-3A.