623 Construction Layout Stakes and Survey Monuments

Description (623.01)

With the 2013 C&MS, all survey monuments were moved to this section from the 2010 C&MS Section 604.

All surveying work related to locating and setting reference monuments, Right-of-Way monuments, and setting steel rods in monument assemblies must be performed under the direction of a Registered Surveyor. According to the Ohio Revised Code, a Registered Surveyor must perform the work associated with property boundaries. Either a Registered Surveyor or Registered Engineer can supervise other surveying work to set project control and construction layout stakes.



Before beginning any construction activities that might disturb existing survey monuments, the Contractor must have a Registered Surveyor verify the location of existing survey monuments that are listed in the Contract Documents.  The Registered Surveyor must prepare a report and submit it to the Engineer and District Survey Operations Manager.  If the Contractor submits the verification report to only the Engineer, then send a copy to the District Survey Operations Manager.  If the Surveyor finds any survey monuments not listed on the Contract Documents, the surveyor must survey their location and include them in the verification report.


Placement, Protection and Restoration of Survey Monuments

The Right-of-Way designer will include quantities for proposed monument assemblies and reference monuments in the Right-of-Way plans.  Also, the Right-of-Way designer will include quantities to replace any survey monuments that are located within a temporary easement and that they expect the Contractor to destroy during the work.  The Contract Documents should include pay items to replace any survey monuments that the Contractor can’t help but destroy during the progress of the work.  However, the Contractor may also destroy or damage survey monuments due to carelessness or inattention.  The Contractor must replace these survey monuments at no cost to the Department.  If the Department ends up having to replace survey monuments that are damaged by the Contractor, then deduct all costs incurred by the Department from the Contractor’s estimate.

In some cases, the Contractor will not have to replace an existing survey monument when it is destroyed as a result of the work.  For example, when the Department is acquiring additional Right-of-Way, the old Right-of-Way monuments will be abandoned and do not need to be replaced.  This is why the phrase, “unless directed otherwise by the Engineer,” is included in the sentence, “Restore survey monuments damaged or destroyed by construction activities, unless directed otherwise by the Engineer.”  Contact the District Survey Operations Manager if there are any questions.

When the Contractor sets new survey monuments, they or he/she must have a Registered Surveyor prepare a report similar to the verification report.  The Contractor submits this report to the Engineer and District Survey Operations Manager.  If the Contractor submits the verification report to only the Engineer, then send a copy to the District Survey Operations Manager.  Refer to Standard Construction Drawing RM-1.1 for details about the different types of survey monuments.


Providing Electronic Instrumentation

Contractors use global positioning methods to perform construction control on many projects.  If a pay item for providing electronic instrumentation is provided in the Contract Documents, then the Contractor provides one GNSS receiver for the project staff to use for verifying locations and elevations.  GNSS stands for Global Navigation Satellite System. It is like the Global Positioning System (GPS) but includes satellites run by countries other than the United States.  For large projects, the Contract Documents may include an, “as per plan,” item that requires the Contractor to provide two or more GNSS receivers.  The Contractor must also provide training to use the equipment and provide technical assistance throughout the project duration.  At the end of the work, the equipment is returned to the Contractor.

If the District decides to use its own GNSS receivers to inspect the work, the Contractor must still provide the model files that the Contractor is using to perform the project control. However, in this case, there is no guarantee that the model files will work with the District’s equipment.  The District may have to convert or translate the files.


Documentation Requirements - 623 Construction Layout Stakes

1.      Verification report for all existing survey monuments. Must be signed and sealed by a Registered Surveyor.

2.      Report giving the coordinates, station, offset, and description of each new or replaced survey monument. Must be signed and sealed by a Registered Surveyor.

3.      Copy of the construction layout notes for each portion of the work.