626 Barrier Reflectors


This information is intended to serve as a guide for construction personnel where the Contractor furnishes and installs barrier reflectors.  It may also be useful for maintenance personnel performing the same functions.  Inspection procedures are outlined.  This information points out the various important features and references the applicable specification or standard drawing.


Materials (626.02)

Make sure that all barrier reflectors used on a project are approved and listed on the Qualified Product List at the following website:

Item 726.01 Barrier Reflector Type A & B



Installation (626.04)

1.      Ensure that the color of the reflector matches the color of the nearest edge line.

2.      Ensure Type A and A2 guardrail blockout reflectors are installed on the side of blockout away from traffic.

3.      Ensure that the guardrail blockout reflectors are installed on the side of the blockout nearest the edge of the pavement.

4.      Ensure that the guardrail blockout reflectors are installed so that the reflective surface is above the guardrail.

5.      Ensure Type B and B2 are installed with the top of the barrier reflector 26 inches (650 mm) above the near edge of pavement, except that the top of the barrier reflector is at least 3 inches (75 mm) below the top of the concrete barrier.

6.      Ensure that the barrier reflector does not extend further than 5 inches (125 mm) in a horizontal direction toward the traffic lanes.

7.      Ensure that loose concrete, rust, dirt, and other loose materials are removed from the surface of the concrete barrier or guard rail using a wire brush. Apply adhesive to clean and moisture-free surface according to manufacturer’s recommendations.


Description: Description: Description: PICT0002

Figure 626.A – Barrier Reflector Type A and A2


Figure 626.B – Barrier Reflector Type B and B2



Documentation Requirements - 626 Barrier Reflectors

1.      Document on CA-D-3A that installation performed as per 626.04.

2.      Document on CA-D-3A that material and products based on certified test data and all drawings.

3.      Document on CA-D-3A the types of barrier reflector for pay.