659 Seeding and Mulching

Documentation Requirements - 659 Seeding and Mulching

1.      Measure area to be seeded prior to start of operations and set-up test sections.

2.      Exclude area to be seeded at Contractor's expense.

3.      Incorporate fertilizer to a depth of 2 inches (5 cm) by _______________________ (harrowing, disking, etc.).  Type of fertilizer placed as outlined in 659.04.

4.      Calculate and document seed mixture required and used.

5.      Remove rocks and other foreign material larger than 3 inches (8 cm). Remove rocks and other foreign material 1 inch (2.5 cm) and larger in front of residences, commercial properties, and between curb and sidewalks.

6.      If broad cast seeding, rake and roll flat areas and track slopes with dozer.

7.      Mulch should be placed within 48 hours after seed has been sown.

8.      Identify areas to be paid by Contract Pay Item 659 separately from areas that are incidental to the work.

Note: Use form CA-EC-2 for field dimensions and calculations.