407.01  Description

407.02  Materials

407.03  Equipment

407.04  Weather Limitations

407.05  Preparation of Surface

407.06  Application of Asphalt Material

407.07  Application of Cover Aggregate

407.08  Method of Measurement

407.09  Basis of Payment


407.01  Description.  This work consists of preparing and treating a paved surface with asphalt material, and cover aggregate if required.

407.02  Materials.  Conform to the applicable requirements of 702 for the asphalt material and use one of the following types:  702.04 RS-1, SS-1, SS-1h, CRS-1, CSS-1, or CSS-1h; or 702.13.

Conform to 703.06 for cover aggregate.

407.03  Equipment.  Provide adequate cleaning equipment, spreader boxes, and distributors.

Use distributors designed, equipped, maintained, and operated to apply asphalt material at the specified rate per square yard (square meter) with uniform pressure over the required width of application.  Ensure that the distributor includes a tachometer, pressure gauges, accurate volume measuring devices, or a calibrated tank.  Mount an accurate thermometer with a range covering the specified application temperature for asphalt material at approximately center height of the tank with the stem extending into the asphalt material.  Ensure that the distributor has a full-circulating system with a spray bar that is adjustable laterally and vertically.  Ensure that the spray bar will maintain a constant height above the pavement under variable load conditions.  Supply each distributor with suitable charts showing truck and pump speeds and other pertinent application data necessary to obtain the required results.

407.04  Weather Limitations.  Do not apply the asphalt material if the surface temperature is below the minimum placement temperature for the pavement course to be placed, as specified in 401.06.

407.05  Preparation of Surface.  Ensure that the surface is thoroughly clean and dry when the asphalt material is applied.  Remove material cleaned from the surface and dispose of it as the Engineer directs.

407.06  Application of Asphalt Material.  uniformly apply the asphalt material with a distributor.  Emulsions may be diluted with water to achieve a more uniform application.

For irregular areas such as driveways and intersections, apply the asphalt material using a method the Engineer approves.

If paving asphalt concrete directly onto portland cement concrete or brick pavement, tack the pavement with rubberized asphalt emulsion conforming to 702.13.

Before placing a surface course onto an intermediate course, apply a tack coat on the intermediate course.

Apply the tack coat in a manner that offers the least inconvenience to traffic and that allows one-way traffic without pickup or tracking.  Only apply the tack coat to areas that will be covered by a pavement course during the same day.

The Engineer will approve the quantity, rate of application, temperature, and areas to be treated before application of the tack coat.  The Engineer will determine the actual application in gallons per square yard (Liters per square meter) by a check on the project.  The application is considered satisfactory when the actual rate is within ±10 percent of the required rate and the material is applied uniformly with no visible evidence of streaking or ridging.

407.07  Application of Cover Aggregate.  Immediately following the application of the asphalt material in areas that will be exposed to traffic, uniformly apply sufficiently dry cover aggregate to form a bonded layer that, after curing, will not be picked up by traffic.  The Engineer will not accept excessive application resulting in an unbonded layer of cover aggregate.

407.08  Method of Measurement.  The Department will measure Tack Coat and Tack Coat for Intermediate Course by the number of gallons (liters) of undiluted asphalt material applied for each according to Item 109.

407.09  Basis of Payment.  The cost of cover aggregate and water to dilute an emulsion is incidental to Tack Coat.

The Department will pay for accepted quantities at the contract prices as follows:

Item           unit                                Description

407             Gallon (Liter)                  Tack Coat

407             Gallon (Liter)                  Tack Coat for Intermediate Course