448.01  Description

448.02  JMF Field Adjustments

448.03  Reports

448.04  Acceptance

448.05  Basis of Payment


448.01  Description.  This work consists of constructing a surface course or an intermediate course of aggregate and asphalt binder mixed in a central plant and spread and compacted on a prepared surface.

The requirements of Item 441 apply, except as modified by this specification.

The Department will determine acceptance of the mixture by Lot, based on the composition of random samples taken and tested by the Contractor and verified by the Department.

448.02  JMF Field Adjustments.  Determine the need for any JMF gradation adjustments, provided for in 441.05, from the results of quality control and Department verification tests of the first two acceptance lots.  Following adjustment, the Department will apply the adjusted JMF, for acceptance purposes, to the entire production including the first two lots.  Give the DET written notice of JMF adjustments no later than the end of the first workday following the notification of verification test results of the second acceptance lot.

For projects with less than two acceptance lots or for any JMF that will no longer be used on a project, give the DET written notice of any JMF gradation adjustments within 1 workday following the notification of acceptance test results.

448.03  Reports.  Refer to Item 403 for reporting requirements.

448.04  Acceptance.  Refer to Item 403 for acceptance requirements.

448.05  Basis of Payment.  The Department will pay for accepted quantities, completed in place, at the contract prices, or at the contract price as modified in 448.04, as follows:

Item           unit                                Description

448             Cubic Yard                      Asphalt Concrete
                       (Cubic Meter)                 Intermediate Course, Type ___

448             Cubic Yard                      Asphalt Concrete Surface
                       (Cubic Meter)                 Course, Type ___