452.01  Description

452.02  Construction

452.03  Method of Measurement

452.04  Basis of Payment


452.01.  Description.  This work consists of constructing a non-reinforced portland cement concrete pavement on a prepared surface.

452.02  Construction.  The requirements of Item 451 apply, except as follows.

Do not comply with the requirements of 451.07.

Provide dowels at transverse contraction joints in mainline pavement, ramps, acceleration/deceleration lanes, or collector/distributor lanes.  Dowels for contraction joints in concrete shoulders on mainline pavement, ramps, acceleration/deceleration lanes, or collector/distributor lanes are not required unless the contraction joint is located within 500 feet (150 m) of a pressure relief joint.

Space contraction joints according to the standard construction drawings.  If Item 452 pavement is specified for shoulders and is tied longitudinally to Item 451 or 305 pavement, match the joints in the shoulder pavement to the spacing and alignment of the adjacent pavement.

Do not place construction joints within 6 feet (1.8 m) of another parallel joint.

452.03  Method of Measurement.  The Department will measure Non-Reinforced Concrete Pavement by the number of square yards (square meters) completed and accepted in place.  The width equals the pavement width shown on the typical cross-sections of the plans plus additional widening as the Engineer directs in writing.  The Department will field measure the length along the centerline of each roadway or ramp.

452.04  Basis of Payment.  Payment is full compensation for furnishing and placing all materials, for surface testing, and for coring the pavement.  For pavement found deficient in thickness, the Department will pay a reduced price according to 451.17.

The Department will not make additional payment over the contract price for any pavement with an average thickness in excess of that shown on the plans.

The Department will pay for accepted quantities at the contract price as follows:

Item                                 Description

452             Square Yard                     Non-Reinforced Concrete Pavement
                       (Square Meter)