504.01  Description

504.02  Materials

504.03  Driving

504.04  Method of Measurement

504.05  Basis of Payment


504.01  Description.  This work consists of furnishing and driving steel sheet piling to be left in place, including furnishing and installing any specified anchors or other attachments to structures.

504.02  Materials.  Furnish new sheet piling conforming to 711.03.  The Contractor may use used sheet piling in good condition that conforms to project requirements provided it is inspected and approved by the Engineer.

504.03  Driving.  Drive steel sheet piling to the tip elevation shown on the plans.

504.04  Method of Measurement.  The Department will measure Steel Sheet Piling Left In Place [Minimum Section Modulus of ____ cubic inches per foot (____ mm3/m)] of Wall by measuring the number of square feet (square meters) in the plane of the face of the sheeting, completed and accepted in place.

504.05  Basis of Payment.  The Department will pay for accepted quantities at the contract price as follows:

Item           unit                                Description

504             Square Foot                     Steel Sheet Piling Left In Place [Minimum
                       (Square Meter)                Section Modulus of____ cubic inches
                                                               per foot (____ mm3/m)] of Wall