616.01  Description

616.02  Construction Requirements

616.03  Method of Measurement

616.04  Basis of Payment


616.01  Description.  This work consists of applying water or dust palliative for the alleviation or prevention of dust nuisance originating from earthwork construction operations from within the project construction limits.

616.02  Construction Requirements.  Perform dust control operations at the time and location and in the amount ordered by the Engineer.  Maintain control of the application of water or dust palliative at all times to minimize dust but not to create saturated soil conditions.  The Engineer will determine whether water or dust palliative is to be used to alleviate or prevent dust nuisance, and the amounts of each material to be used.  Do not apply calcium chloride to areas that will be subsequently seeded or sodded.

Furnish and apply water used for dust control by means of tanks equipped with suitable sprinkling devices.

Use dust palliative consisting of 712.02 calcium chloride or a brine solution containing a minimum of 30 percent by weight of calcium chloride.  Spread the calcium chloride uniformly over the surface.

616.03  Method of Measurement.  The Department will measure Water by the M gallons (cubic meters) applied and measured either in tanks, tank wagons, or trucks of predetermined capacity; or by means of meters of a type and furnished and installed by the Contractor at no expense to the Department; or determined by weight conversion.

The Department will measure Calcium Chloride by the number of tons (metric tons) by weight measurement, furnished and applied.  When brine is used, the Department will determine the weight of calcium chloride by multiplying the number of gallons (cubic meters) by the factor 0.0024 (0.575).

616.04  Basis of Payment.  The Department will pay for accepted quantities at the contract prices as follows:

Item           unit                                Description

616             M Gallons                       Water
                       (Cubic Meter)

616             Ton (Metric Ton)           Calcium Chloride