645.01  Description

645.02  Materials

645.03  Application

645.04  Layout and Premarking

645.05  Basis of Payment


645.01  Description.  This work consists of furnishing and applying preformed pavement marking material according to Item 641, 740.01, 740.05, 740.06, and the additional requirements specified below.

645.02  Materials.  Furnish materials from the Department’s Approved List conforming to the following:

Type A (permanent markings),

.... Type A1, A2, or A3........................................... 740.05

Type B (work zone markings),

.... Type II (non-removable).................................... 740.06

Type C (work zone markings),

.... Type I (removable)............................................. 740.06


Do not apply materials that has exceeded the manufacturer’s shelf life.


645.03 Application.  Only apply on clean dry pavement surfaces.  If there is oil, salt or dust; power wash the pavement and allow the pavement to dry.

Furnish the Engineer with the manufacturer’s application instructions.  Record the surface temperature and date of application.  Furnish documentation to the Engineer.  Apply preformed markings to the pavement by means of a precoated adhesive on the back, or by an adhesive or activator furnished with the markings and used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Form lines 12 inches (300 mm) wide or less by one piece; form lines wider than 12 inches (300 mm) by no more than two pieces.  Do not overlap individual pieces.  Do not allow a gap greater than 1/4 inch (6 mm) between pieces.

Do not use preformed markings that are subject to premature adhesion or contamination before placement.

Apply preformed markings according to the appropriate type of application as follows:

A.      Type A Marking Application.  Apply the preformed markings while the pavement surface temperature is at the manufacturer’s application recommendations.  Before any application, test and record the pavement surface temperature, air temperature and dew point.  Retest and record every 4 hours of operation.  Demonstrate to the Engineer the testing devices are accurate and operational..  Initially position the marking under light pressure, or use a hand operated light roller or mechanical applicator.  Once correctly located, hold the marking in position without delay by rolling.

If Type A preformed markings are specified to be inlaid on newly placed asphalt concrete, press the markings into the warm surface using a mechanical roller.  Proper application of inlaid markings requires that the asphalt concrete pavement surface have a temperature below the maximum temperature recommended for the preformed material or its adhesive backing.

B.      Type B and Type C Marking Application.  Apply the preformed markings according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

645.04  Layout and Premarking.  In addition to the requirements specified in 641.06, place preformed auxiliary markings only on new pavement.

645.05  Basis of Payment.  The Department will not pay for under thickness lines or non-specification materials. The Department will pay for accepted quantities at the contract prices, or prices adjusted according to 641.11, measured according to 641.12, with the provisions specified in 641.13, and as follows:

Item           unit                                Description

645             Mile (Kilometer)             Edge Line, Type ___

645             Mile (Kilometer)             Lane Line, Type ___

645             Mile (Kilometer)             Center Line, Type ___

645             Foot (Meter)                   Channelizing Line, Type ___

645             Foot (Meter)                   Stop Line, Type ___

645             Foot (Meter)                   Crosswalk Line, Type ___

645             Foot (Meter)                   Transverse/Diagonal Line, Type ____

645             Each                                Handicap Symbol Marking, Type ___

645             Each                                Railroad Symbol Marking, Type ___

645             Each                                School Symbol Marking, ___ inch (___ mm),

                                                               Type ___

645             Foot (Meter)                   Parking Lot Stall Marking, Type ___

645             Each                                Lane Arrow, Type ___

645             Each                                Word on Pavement, ___ inch

                                                               (___ mm), Type ___

645             Foot (Meter)                   Dotted Line, ___ inch (___ mm), Type ___

645             Foot, Square Foot           Removal of Pavement Marking

                       (Meter, Square               
                       Meter), or Each

645             Lump Sum                      Two-Way Radio Equipment