653.01 Description

653.02 Materials

653.03 Construction Requirements

653.04 Method of Measurement

653.05 Basis of Payment


653.01 Description. This work consists of furnishing and spreading topsoil and preparing the subgrade.

653.02 Materials. Furnish topsoil consisting of loose, friable, loamy material without admixture of subsoil or refuse. For topsoil to be considered loamy, ensure that the fraction passing the No. 10 (2.00 mm) sieve does not contain more than 40 percent clay. Furnish topsoil consisting of not less than 4 percent and not more than 20 percent organic matter as determined by loss on ignition of samples oven dried to constant weight at 212 F (100 C). Furnish topsoil that is free of grass, brush, and, roots.

653.03 Construction Requirements. Before placing any topsoil, prepare all areas to be covered with topsoil according to 659.10. Place the topsoil according to 659.11. When seeding is specified, open the topsoil up to receive the seed.

653.04 Method of Measurement. The Department will measure compacted TopsoilFurnished and Placed by the number of cubic yards (cubic meters) of after compaction furnished.

653.05 Basis of Payment. The Department will pay for accepted quantities at the contract price as follows:

Item unit Description

653 Cubic Yard TopsoilFurnished and Placed
(Cubic Meter)