654.01  Description

654.02  Materials

654.03  Construction Requirements

654.04  Method of Measurement

654.05  Basis of Payment


654.01  Description.  This work consists of preparing a suitable seedbed by grading and renovating existing soil, and furnishing and placing commercial fertilizer, if specified.

Use all suitable material in the work.  Alternatively legally use, recycle or dispose of all excavated materials according to 105.16 and 105.17.

654.02  Materials.  Use commercial fertilizer conforming to 659.04.

654.03  Construction Requirements.  Prepare the surface area for seed according to 659.10.

If the Contract Documents require commercial fertilizer, place it according to 659.04.

654.04  Method of Measurement.  The Department will measure Renovating Existing Soil by the number of M square feet (square meters) completed and accepted.

The Department will measure Commercial Fertilizer by the number tons (kilograms) completed and accepted.

654.05  Basis of Payment.  The Department will pay for accepted quantities at the contract prices as follows:

Item           unit                                Description

654             M Square Feet                Renovating Existing Soil
                       (Square Meter)

654             Ton (Kilogram)               Commercial Fertilizer