526.01  Description

526.02  Materials

526.03  Forming and Placing Reinforcing Steel

526.04  Placing and Sampling Concrete

526.05  Finishing and Curing

526.06  Side Curbs

526.07  Method of Measurement

526.08  Basis of Payment


526.01  Description.  This work consists of constructing reinforced portland cement concrete approach slabs for bridges on the completed and accepted subgrade or subbase.

526.02  Materials.  Furnish materials conforming to:

Concrete, Class S, HP 3 or HP 4*................................ 499

Epoxy coated reinforcing steel.................... 509.02, 709.00

Preformed joint filler................................................ 705.03

Joint sealer............................................... 705.04 or 705.11

*   Use the same class of concrete used in the bridges superstructure that the approach slab is attached to unless otherwise shown in the plans.  If the super-structure concrete class for the bridge is not  identified in the plans use Class S.


526.03  Forming, Furnishing and Placing Reinforcing Steel.  Furnish true and straight steel or wooden side forms.  Securely brace and hold forms to the line and grade shown on the plans.  Do not allow forms to vary more than 1/8 inch (3 mm) from a 10-foot (3 m) straightedge.  Do not remove forms for a minimum of 36 hours.  Clean and oil forms after each use.

Furnish reinforcing steel and place it in the position shown on the standard construction drawing and firmly secure the steel during placing and setting of the concrete.  Tie reinforcing bars at all intersections, except tie reinforcing bars at alternate intersections where bar spacing is less than 1 foot (0.3 m) in any direction.

526.04 Placing and Sampling Concrete.  Immediately before placing concrete according to Item 511.10, thoroughly moisten the subgrade or subbase with water in the amount and manner directed by the Engineer. The Engineer will make at least two test cylinders for each 50 cubic yards (35 cubic meters) of concrete.

526.05  Finishing and Curing.  If the approach slab is to serve as a base for an asphalt concrete wearing course, finish and texture the approach slab according to Item 305.  If the approach slab is to serve as a wearing surface finish and test the surface according to 451.12 and diamond groove the surface according to 511.20. Cure approach slabs according to 511.17.A, deck superstructure concrete.

Open approach slabs to traffic according to Table 511.17-1.

526.06  Side Curbs.  If concrete curb extends across the approach slab, construct side curbs of the dimensions required, and place the concrete curb at the same time as the approach slab.  Finish the curb according to Item 609.

526.07  Method of Measurement.  The Department will measure Reinforced Concrete Approach Slabs by the number of square yards (square meters) complete in place.

526.08  Basis of Payment.  The Department will pay for accepted quantities at the contract price as follows which includes all concrete, curbs, reinforcing steel, dowels, joints and other materials:

Item           Unit                                Description

526             Square Yard                    Reinforced Concrete Approach Slabs
                       (Square Meter)