623.01   Description

623.02   General

623.03   Basis of Payment


623.01  DescriptionThis work consists of furnishing, placing, and maintaining construction layout stakes necessary for the proper prosecution of the work under the contract and removing all stakes at the completion of the project.

623.02  General.  The Department will locate and reference to either strategically placed Project Control Monuments and Project Geometric Layout Coordinate data or Centerline of Construction points with 3 point reference ties as shown in the plans. The Department will establish benchmarks along the line of the improvement outside construction limits.  The Department will establish one benchmark for use at each structure with a span greater than 20 feet (6.1 m).  The Department will not locate the centerline of short street intersection returns.  Locating and referencing the centerline consists of locating and referencing control points such as point of curve, point of tangent, and sufficient points on tangent to provide a line of sight.  Establish reference points outside the construction limits in such a manner that they will be available to reestablish the control points at any time during the course of the work.  The Engineer will identify to the Contractor control points set by the Department and will keep the field notes in the field office.

Furnish field forces and set all additional stakes for the project, including interchanges, that are needed to establish offset stakes, reference points, slope stakes, pavement and curb line and grade, stakes for bridges, culverts, sewers and drainage structures, paved gutters, walls, monuments, fence, Right-of-Way lines, and any other horizontal or vertical controls, including supplementary benchmarks, necessary to secure a correct layout of the work.  Determine the location of slope stakes for grading work by a calculation method, and make a copy of these calculations available to the Engineer for the project records.  Set stakes for the line and grade of pavement and curb at sufficient station intervals but not exceeding 50 feet (20 m) to ensure conformance to plan line and grade.  Staking of Right-of-Way lines consists of placing tall stakes, properly identified and readily discernible, at points of change in width or direction of the Right-of-Way line and at points along the line so that at least two of the stakes can be seen distinctly from any point on the line.  Before beginning construction, stake Right-of-Way lines at locations where construction is to be performed.  The Engineer will not require the Contractor to set additional stakes to locate a utility line that is not included as a pay item in the Contract, or to determine the property line between the properties.

The Contractor may elect to perform portions of this work by electronic methods.  Submit a plan of action to the Engineer detailing the means and methods to produce the desired results.  After the plan of action is approved, layout the first 1000 feet (300 m) of the project by conventional methods.  The Department will evaluate the first 1000 feet (300 m) using electronic methods to verify the accuracy of the equipment.  Ensure that the accuracy of the electronic methods are within 2 percent of the conventional methods.

Once the accuracy of the electronic methods is established, use the conventional methods to set every 1000 feet (300 m) of the project measured along the centerline.  A ground control point is required for every structure, and a print out of the work is required for every 200 feet (60 m) of the project.

If the electronic methods are found to be out of the above tolerance, submit a plan of action to correct the problem.  If the problem persists, return to conventional methods.

The Contractor is responsible for having the finished Work conform to the lines, grades, elevations, and dimensions shown on the plans.  Any inspection or checking of the Contractor’s layout by the Engineer and the acceptance of all or any part of it does not relieve the Contractor of the responsibility to secure the proper dimensions, grades, and elevations of the several parts of the work.  Exercise care in the preservation of stakes and benchmarks, and reset them at no additional cost to the Department when any are damaged, lost, displaced, or removed.  Use competent personnel and suitable equipment for the layout work required and that a Registered Engineer or a Registered Surveyor supervises the operation.  Do not engage the services of any person or persons employed by the Department for the performance of any of the work covered by this specification.

Verify survey information shown on the plans, except for the centerline of the project, which may be use to lay out the Work.

The removal of layout stakes at the completion of the Work is a final cleanup item that is required as a condition of full payment of 624 Mobilization.

623.03  Basis of Payment.  The Department will pay for accepted quantities at the contract price as follows:

Item           Unit                                Description 

623             Lump Sum                      Construction Layout Stakes