608.01  Description

608.02  Materials

608.03  Concrete Walks

608.04  Asphalt Concrete Walks

608.05  Crushed Aggregate Walks

608.06  Concrete Steps

608.07  Curb Ramps

608.08  Method of Measurement

608.09  Basis of Payment


608.01  Description.  This work consists of constructing walks, curb ramps, and steps.

608.02  Materials.  Furnish materials conforming to:

Aggregate Base..................................... 304.01 and 304.02

Asphalt concrete Type 1............................................... 448

Concrete, Class QC Misc or QC 1* .............................. 499

Reinforcing steel................................................. 509.02

Crushed aggregate meeting grading requirements of........ 703.10

Expansion joint material........................................... 705.03

* Replacing Coarse aggregate in the concrete mixes with Recycled Concrete Aggregate conforming to Supplement 1117 is an option


608.03  Concrete Walks.  Construct concrete walks as follows:

A. Excavation.  Excavate to the required depth and to a width that allows installation and bracing of forms.  Shape and uniformly compact the subgrade to a surface conforming to the plans.

B. Forms.  Use either fixed forms or slip-form methods.  For fixed-form construction, use wooden or metal forms that extend the full depth of the concrete and that do not spring under the concrete pressure.  For slip-form construction, perform the work according to 609.04.C.

C. Placing and Finishing.  Immediately before placing concrete, thoroughly moisten the subgrade.  Deposit concrete in a single layer, strike it off with a template, and smooth it with a float to obtain a sandy texture.  Do not plaster the concrete.  Use a 1/4-inch (6 mm) radius edging tool to edge all outside edges and joints.  Divide the surface of the walks into equally spaced rectangular blocks at approximately 5-foot (1.5 m) intervals.  Saw or form transverse joints to a depth of not less than one-fourth the thickness of the slab and to a width of approximately 1/8 inch (3 mm).  Install 1/2-inch (13 mm) thick expansion joint filler between the walk and any fixed structure that extends the full depth of the walk.  Install 1-inch (25 mm) thick expansion joint filler between the walk and the back of curb that is on a 250-foot (75 m) or smaller radius, such as at street intersections.

D. Slope.  Construct the surface of the walk with a transverse slope rate of 0.02 and with the low side adjacent to the roadway.

E. Curing.  Cure concrete according to Item 451.

608.04  Asphalt Concrete Walks.  Construct asphalt concrete walks as follows:

A. Excavation and Forms.  Excavate and construct forms according to 608.03.A and 608.03.B.

B. BasePlace and thoroughly compact aggregate base in layers not exceeding 4 inches (100 mm) in depth.

C. Asphalt Placement and Compaction.  Place asphalt concrete in one or more courses to provide the required depth when compacted using a hand roller or power roller of a type and weight acceptable to the Engineer.

608.05  Crushed Aggregate Walks.  Construct crushed aggregate walks as follows:

A.      Excavation.  Excavate according to 608.03.A.

B.      Forms.  Construct forms of wood or metal of acceptable rigidity and to the depth of the necessary loose material.  Back forms with compacted soil to the height of the completed walk.

608.06  Concrete Steps.  Construct concrete steps as follows:

A.      Excavation and Forms.  Excavate and construct forms according to 608.03.A and 608.03.B.

B.      Placement and Finishing.  Place and finish concrete according to Item 511, except finish the treads of steps to produce a sandy texture.

C.      Slope.  Slope step treads at a rate of 0.01 and toward the next lower step.

D.      Curing.  Cure steps according to 608.03.E.

E.      Railing.  If specified, install hand railing according to Item 517.

608.07  Curb Ramps.  Excavate, form, place, finish, and cure according to 608.03.A, 608.03.B, 608.03.C, and 608.03.E.  Finish ramps to a rougher final surface texture than the adjacent walk and with striations transverse to the ramp slope using a coarse broom or other method approved by the Engineer.

608.08  Method of Measurement.  The Department will measure Concrete Walk, Asphalt Concrete Walk, and Aggregate Walk by the number of square feet (square meters) of finished surface, complete in place.

The Department will measure curb ramps by the number of square feet (square meters) completed.  The Department will measure detectable warnings in existing curb ramps and at grade crossings by the number of square feet (square meters) completed.

The Department will measure Concrete Steps by the number of feet (meters), along the front edge of each tread.  Where steps are constructed with integral walls, the Department will include the thickness of the integral walls with the tread width measurement.

608.09  Basis of Payment.  Payment for walks, curb ramps, detectable warnings, and steps is full compensation for excavation, backfill, concrete cutting/sawing, base course material, reinforcing steel, hand railing, expansion joint materials, and any incidentals required to complete the installation as specified. The Department will pay for accepted quantities at the contract prices as follows:

Item           Unit                                Description

608             Square Foot                     Concrete Walk
                       (Square Meter)

608             Square Foot                     Asphalt Concrete Walk
                       (Square Meter)

608             Square Foot                     Aggregate Walk
                       (Square Meter)

608             Square Foot                     Curb Ramp

                       (Square Meter)

608             Square Foot                     Detectable Warning

                       (Square Meter)

608             Foot (Meter)                    Concrete Steps