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The ODOT CADD Engineering Standards are catagorized into TWO different set of standards. The OHDOT standards are designed to work with MicroStation and OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition. The ODOTcadd standards are designed to work with MicroStation V8i and GEOPAK V8i (SELECTseries 4 & 10). The best way to learn about our CADD standards and how to set them up is by watching our YouTube video series linked below.

Getting Started with the ODOT CADD Standards

OHDOT Standards for MicroStation and OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

There are three different ways to setup OHDOT CADD standards. Please see the following video series and installation guide for more details on installing and setting up these standards. All installs can be run silently.

OHDOT Local InstallationVersion
OHDOT Standards Local Install1.0.0.11

OHDOT Server / Client InstallationVersion
OHDOT Standards Server Install1.0.0.11
OHDOT Standards Client Install1.0.0.11

OHDOT ProjectWise / Client InstallationVersion
OHDOT Standards ProjectWise Install1.0.0.5
OHDOT Standards Client Install1.0.0.11

ODOTcadd Standards for MicroStation and GEOPAK (SELECTseries 4 & 10)

The ODOTcadd standards include many of ODOT’s previous V8istd CADD Standards for MicroStation and GEOPAK with additional newly developed standards for Bentley’s OpenRoads technology; however, there are some changes that are not backwards compatible with previous releases of ODOT’s CADD Standards and existing projects. ODOT recommends completing existing projects using the previously published V8istd CADD Standards.

For this update, the GEOPAK/PowerGEOPAK related standards for the OpenRoads technology have been updated using the SELECTseries 4 & 10 version of the software and are therefore incompatible with GEOPAK/PowerGEOPAK (SELECTseries 3). The following software version was used for these updates:

  • PowerGEOPAK V8i (SELECTseries 10)

The ODOTcadd Standards are now delivered as a standalone application. This application is used to download and synchronize the ODOTcadd Standards directly to a local/network folder. We've created a detailed tutorial for using the synchronization tool.

For information on the Sync Tool please refer to our video tutorial and help document.
Video for using the Sync Tool
Help Document for the Sync Tool

For information on the configuration of the ODOTcadd Standards please refer to our video tutorial.
Setting up the ODOTcadd Standards

ODOTcadd Sync Tool DownloadVersion
Complete ODOTcadd Standards for MicroStation and GEOPAK (SELECTseries 4 & 10)

GENSUM Excel Spreadsheet

Click Here for detailed information on getting the most out of the Excel based General Summary required for plan submission. The General Summary is maintained by CADD Services and the Bid Analysis and Review Team within the Office of Estimating.

GENSUM General Summary DownloadVersion
GENSUM General Summary2019/06/10

To submit a question, comment or suggestion to the CADD Services staff, please submit a Support Request.

The ODOT CADD Standards provided do not exempt the professional from performing responsible engineering and/or surveying. The ODOT CADD Standards are intended to provide uniform procedures and standards for organizations that perform CADD related services for ODOT. The professional shall have final responsibility for the accuracy of all input and output of computer-based applications.

OHDOT20190405 Leica Code List.zipSurvey Field Code List for Leica Data Collectors24 KB 04/05/2019
OHDOT20190227 Trimble Code List.zipSurvey Field Code List for Trimble Data Collectors (.fxl)10 KB 02/27/2019
GPS_Averages.FRTLeica GPS Averages Export1 KB 03/05/2020
ODOT_Trimble_CustomStyleSheets_XSL.zipGEOPAK Survey Custom Style Sheets for Trimble Data Collectors (.xsl)15 KB 02/11/2020
ODOT_Survey_Codes_Alphabetical.pdfGEOPAK Survey Field Codes (listed Alphabetically)1181 KB 11/01/2018
ODOT_Survey_Codes_Category.pdfGEOPAK Survey Field Codes (listed by Category)1176 KB 11/01/2018
ODOT_Survey_Codes_NoLongerUsed.pdfGEOPAK Survey Field Codes (No Longer Used)80 KB 04/19/2013